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Great movie - Maoz is a talent Ethereal existential brilliance One of the greatest films I have ever seen Brilliant and sad. Unrelenting brilliance Too much homage / not enough grit Farhadi nails it again Absolutely superb. Absolutely extraordinary My Mini review: 8.5/10 View all posts >


T H E M E S But was Boyse's body one of the ones he put in a spacesuit and threw out the airlock? I'm not sure it was. I think he only discarded the bodies that had died on the ship. Brilliantly put ^ Most of the bodies were kept by Monte in cryogenic freezer and then discarded by him. You're right about the ending - they might even go on to become the heroes that they were sent out to be in the first place. The sport on the tv is rugby not soccer but your point is still valid. It's very much a cerebral take on the human condition. It's not a lineal look at EU space missions or anything like that. I've already answered this in the comments: Robocop - similar themes of lead character dying at the beginning and being revived to fight evil Matrix - fight scenes with camera placement to try and add drama Blade Runner - Corporations running a dystopian society in the future involving technology. None of the themes were done well really. Can't argue with any of that. It's near perfect. It slotted straight into my top 50 films of all time. She knew her parents were awful parents that's why. She was far happier living with the ragtags because they had shown her far more love than her parents had throughout her life. It's a wonderful movie which I won't stop thinking about for weeks. 9/10 possible 10 out of 10. Room was great, as was Roma. From last year I really recommend 'The Rider' and 'Thunder Road'. Both have family dynamic type plots. I can't remember if there was a reason the father dug the hole. But the magical realism segments show Jonah slowly coming to terms with realising who he is - and flying out of the hole is an analogy for his sexual awakening and new lease of life. I loved it. One of my films of 2018. Where he's standing at the window and goes to play with his brothers in the bedroom...then the camera pans round to reveal it's just a figment of his imagination. He knows he's different at this point. It's very powerful. View all replies >