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Nostromo (193)


Absolutely superb. Stunning rumination on time and life choices Beautiful. Devastating. Flawless. Perfect. If you're into cinematography - watch this film Stunning Laughed and cried. Lovely movie. Neat but frustrating Well written, explicit Danish drama Extraordinary The bonding of motherhood View all posts >


Probably not. But it's still worth watching. Julietta weak? I loved it. I've not seen all of Almodovar's films but this is one of his best in my opinion. Up there with 'Talk to Her' They're probably not for you if you think this was boring. Thanks for these, I can totally see that the last shot of the spirit of the beehive represents a new beginning - opening the windows (which all looks like it has a fresher feel to the aesthetic rather than the stifled yellow look in previous scenes) Wow, thank you. Will seek that out. So much to learn about the subject. I have lined up El Sur to watch, which is also highly rated. Have you seen any other Jim Jarmusch movies? Aaaahhhh, you didn't understand it. So you'd give this film zero out of 10? View all replies >