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The bonding of motherhood Funny piece on the pitfalls of masculinity Watchable, quirky noir Stunning movie only Kore-eda could make Simply Beautiful Good Hyperlink Cinema del Toro inspired magical realism Very well crafted movie Quite challenging but great concept. Agree - why the low ratings? View all posts >


They're probably not for you if you think this was boring. Thanks for these, I can totally see that the last shot of the spirit of the beehive represents a new beginning - opening the windows (which all looks like it has a fresher feel to the aesthetic rather than the stifled yellow look in previous scenes) Wow, thank you. Will seek that out. So much to learn about the subject. I have lined up El Sur to watch, which is also highly rated. Have you seen any other Jim Jarmusch movies? Aaaahhhh, you didn't understand it. So you'd give this film zero out of 10? Just my take on it really. I've no idea if that's what the Director was aiming for. It's a good film though. Yes, the ending in my opinion shows there is light at the end of the tunnel - the wolf leaves Lazarro and will strive to make goodness in another community. Lazarro is the embodiment of Lazarus from the bible and St. Francis of Assisi - who as legend has it, persuaded a wolf to stop menancing the livestock of a community in return for being fed. Lazarro tried and tried to be a servant to the da Luna family (da luna translates as moon) in an effort to make them good people. It is naive but Lazarro knows no different. He failed in this respect and the last shot shows the wolf moving on in true Littlest Hobo style for pastures new. Nice. I'm going to give Secret Garden a go. Thanks. View all replies >