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What he was able to do with Bad Taste is just impressive beyond belief. I find it more enjoyable and is my favorite. It’s fun but maybe not necessarily the better of the two. Hey....Commando is a great action flick. I thought this was Stone Cold...... https://images.app.goo.gl/3haPEBnSNFcdQ59VA Not a problem. It’s my favorite Horror podcast. Hope you enjoy it. http://www.ihatehorror.com/ It seems to be. Also, on their site. I listen through Apple but I believe so. The Horror Show podcast just did an episode on this. Time for a rewatch! https://nbc24.com/news/local/ohio-village-wins-worlds-best-drinking-water I guess you could say it’s pretty good. Oh, I know... Mr. Papagiorgio!!! View all replies >