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Sometimes you gotta send a Man to do a Woman’s job. I’m excited but Smith has a tall hill to climb to me. I love Clerks and while Clerks 2 is way more goofy, it’s pretty great and ended beautifully. Unneeded sequel to me. I can only imagine the unending frustration it must be to have a one on one conversation with this guy. Rewatched it a few weeks back and I totally disagree. I’ve probably watched it every hand full of years since it came out and it always hits for me. Probably Clerks. I think it has more heart, it’s more personal. Both are great, though. Smith and Judge have both put things I love out in the World. “They” does not compute with me. You aren’t that unique or complicated. Get over yourself and pick one. No way. CGI can’t even begin to touch practical effects done by someone like a Savini. I don’t even believe in the existence of Satan but I’m not sure I believe him. It was ok. I didn’t really laugh at all. View all replies >