ODB82 (2055)


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Reported for not using LatinX. Must be why I didn’t like it. I really liked The Shallows, though. Yeah, this guy sucks. I really like In Bruges and think he’s great in it. He’s awesome in Horrible Bosses. I liked him in season 2 of True Detective. I’m not much of a fan of his, though. I think all of them are fun to an extent and am a big fan of the franchise in general but… I would say you could just watch the first 4 films. Slasher gold. If it would have actually ended there it would been the perfect quadrilogy and the best slasher franchise ever. I can’t rightfully argue against that. I concur. No idea. Apparently, he just maybe owned the worst house and car in what seemed to be a reasonably nice neighborhood. Negative. Obviously. He says he didn’t pull the trigger, didn’t point the gun at anyone and it is definitely someone’s fault but not his. View all replies >