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They talk about this in the documentary, she had like a fake boob bra thing to enhance the err 'goods'. She got to keep I think after filming too. She did know, it was a test for Jen to prove himself... Danny - blood and fire **Spoilers** It has to do with the water... Laughing in the Dark - scary af The Midnight Madness - I love vampires so... The Hatching - This makes me hungry? The Chameleons - This could have been a movie! Twisted Claw - First episode ever, I think this was shown on Halloween!? Hungry Hounds - I ride/train horses and fox hunt so...ya Super Specs - Humanity is screwed! Nightly Neighbors - So Eerie Indiana! Thirteenth Floor - The discovery at the end! Badge - This should have been a movie! Vampire Town - The ending is so depressing, right when the kid finally grows up... and now he never will! Dangerous Soup - makes me hungry Night Shift - Creepy Pinball Wizard - kid is screwed, what an ending! Dark Music - OMG Sorcerer's Apprentice - hell ya Locker 22- Happy ending! Jake and the Leprechaun - Should have been a movie Whispering Walls - 'damn' Watcher's Woods - Creepy af Mysterical Mirror - should have been twice as long Vacant Lot- should have been twice as long The melodramatic opening credits. His intent was to kill the dragon. He was also ready to die (he mentions as much at the beginning). His body was never strong (due to age) enough to make the journey so he arranges his own death and has his student carry his body (the ashes) and his power (the amulet) to the dragon. He then resurrects to kill the dragon. He used the apprentice. Very simple. My 'theory' is that Elia was in on this with Rhagar and DarkStar. When it became obvious that she could not provide the Prince Who Was Promised Rhagar must have questioned what was being done wrong. As the Series is called "A Song of Ice and Fire" and Rhagar himself is the fire and by all accounts, it appears that Elia would be as well, none of their offspring could be the chosen one. But after seeing Lyanna at the joust he probably realized that she was missing element. I believe that they slowly brought her into the fold and sold her on their beliefs. However, to truly clear an easier path the child would have to be legitimate, and yes being a 2nd wife would do it. However, in almost all cases a 2nd wife's child/children are in succession after the first. An issue, if this baby is destined to lead. Annulling the marriage removes the siblings from succession and opens the path. I think he respected and maybe even loved Elia, and if she was a part of this then he would have told her. In fact, he would have had to, he and Lyanna would have to be married at the time of conceiving so that there are no doubts. That, coupled with the 9 months for baby time would leave us a fair bit of time that they were married and Elia said nothing. If she felt slighted it would have been known, as nothing was said she must have agreed with it. I believe in some of the supplemental stories from series that Rhagar was slowly trying to displace his nutty father if this had been successful and he had publicly let it be known what he had done and both women agreed with it publicly, as pissed as their families may have been, nothing could have been done. Also, had this plan worked and Rhagar not killed who is to say that he wouldn't have remarried Elia afterward, as a 2nd wife. I don't think they loved eachother, respected eachother, fond eachother, but not in love. They had a common goal. Because frequently the 2nd wife's kids are 2nd in succession to the first. He must have believed that Jon was the one, therefore he moved the older kids from succession to make room for Jon, it's possible that he may have remarried Elia after the fact. I believe that she was a part of it as well. View all replies >