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Military ranks S2 so 22 error Anyone else ready to give up? Goofs Which H.R. is this? Inferior show Episode 3? New season begins Does more than one person like it? Is anyone watching? View all posts >


Very good insight. I also believe it was cancelled too soon. There was a lot of story left to tell. I can't stand Discovery. I watched some of the eps on a month free then cancelled. It is a horrible show. Did you ever get around to watching the whole show? They weren't also out-gunned and made a lot of improvements. The thirst for revenge changed the flavor of the show. I have watched a half hour of this two parter and don't think I can watch any more. I'm tired of these story arcs. I want regular episodes. Everything is so dark I can hardly tell what's going on. I just want to watch a show and not have to figure out what's going on. I watch Scorpion every week. I'm not really fond of the acting mayor either but have no problem with the actress. The mayor is way too pushy for someone who is not in the job permanently. Good managers will sit back and see how things are going. She just starts making changes because she has the power to do so. I hope she does not get elected. This is a great site to discuss our shows. The problem is not a lot of people have found it. What a bunch of whiners! The writers did an excellent job of writing the character out of the show. Do you have no imagination and have to have every little detail of ever story spoon fed to you with visuals? Her death was explained in a very natural way. The characters have had a couple of months to grieve so we were not subjected to months of episodes with everyone crying all the time. If you don't like how they handled the actress leaving stop watching. My first impressions about 10 minutes in has to do with: 1. The unshaven guy in uniform getting a medal and 2. The female officer in uniform with her hair not secured (it was in a pony tail). She would also not have been addressed as "chief". This show needs a technical advisor! Tried the first episode, not my type of show. I get enough of hate groups in real life, don't need to watch it on tv. Especially when the hate group is the American government and they shoot on sight! View all replies >