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I know what you mean, this happens with a lot of movies and songs. If I listen to or watch them enough then they lose their magic, so I pace their appearances in my life so the magic remains. Elements of his even earlier movie Thief are also in Heat. For me it his work in Blade Runner and The Fugitive. That was so funny, thanks for sharing it. I've never seen him laugh so much either. I wish all Hollywood movie interviews were like that! I never thought of him as looking gay. I guess his real ripped chest on display all the time might give some people the thought of it due to The Village People or something. I don't think it would really matter if he was gay or not, it's what he did which made him the character. But if I was replying to you in 1982 then I'd understand your concern considering homosexuality was still illegal (I think) in some first world regions and AIDS was believed by many at the time to be a disease caused and spread by gay people. But this is 2020! I don't think it's really an issue with whether he looked gay or not. As for the movies, I have always loved them for their own sake, not because of The Original Series. I was just thinking about Star Trek II today actually, because I realised it would have been one of the first movies I saw and understood to some degree as a child. I may have even seen it before The Motion Picture. There's probably a whole bunch of people who loved the movies not because of the TV series, and a bunch who love them as a continuation of the series. I also remember it was a thrill when I later discovered that there was an episode featuring Khan in the TV series which tied in directly to the movie! I have enjoyed him in Counterpart. Shows his acting abilities a lot more, since he is playing two different selves, right down to body manners. Keeping it period correct... "Star Trek V was the best of the Star Trek movies, am I right?" "Yes honey, it was the best one by far." *hangs up* "Your foster parents are dead." I'm sure there would be a XXX spoof version for gay porn lovers. There is a heterosexual one which is interesting, though not as funny as the Star Wars one where they included some humour into scenes. Wow, amazing stuff. I will have to check it out. Thanks, mate. What are the audio options? Any commentaries by the people who did this? View all replies >