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There's so many funny short and long gags in this movie, from the one you mentioned to the one with the car having no handbrake, to the classroom scene with the shoe in the waste basket, the car going up the three, the way Kate thought Stain is a creep because of all that stuff he was doing at night due to the animals she could never see, etc. When he went to see her at the end and started laughing when she realised what a sweet guy he is despite all the clumsiness, it's a wonderful feeling. There's lots of little things like when they bump heads when trying to hear each other in the car, the way the frames of the film speed up for a split second during the comical moments, and the longer high-speed bits, and the way it is all played so straight. It's from a movie-making era we don't have anymore, like the "Police Squad!" TV series. I think a big part of it for me is how straight everyone plays it. I don't think the actors knew how good that would come off later as they did all that. Unfortunately there is a cloud of racism aimed at the film from some angles with how it depicts the bush people, which will only become stronger as the world becomes more politically correct. I had to replay it 2 or 3 times to fully hear what he was saying. It was a bit muffled or something but yeah, vondiesel-1 got it right. Not sure why he said there won't be anymore like him, however. I like it enough to watch it every 5 years or so. A nice little sci-fi film with a good atmosphere, good characters (a bit one-dimensional but that suits the depressing situation) and enough going on to be interesting. Maybe, it was two years when I saw it. I've never heard of point 2 also and can't seem to find anything on Google. I did find this, however. Three endings from earlier versions of the script: I didn't really notice this before but thinking about it makes me feel his robotic logic programming decided it was part of what people wear and was required to try and blend in. I recently did a mini under water movie festival after watching Pressure (the deep sea movie) so I watched Leviathan, Deep Star Six and The Abyss. The drowning/CPR scene in The Abyss is so powerful, and comes back to get you in the heart when he's on his own down and almost finished at the bottom of that drop. I always thought that Ripley was so caught up in shock and disbelief of what Mother was revealing that she failed to notice Ash entering. As an audience member feeling the same during the reveal, I didn't notice either. As for the alien getting ahead of Dallas. Was there mention of it being accurate to within X percent or something? I seem to recall that. It wasn't a radar as such but it worked on changes in air pressure or density, caused by movement, something like that. I think Ash made it out of parts they had available. For me, Gremlins has some good moments (eg. the mum with the microwave, the teacher in the classroom, Dick Miller) but overall I find a bit too cutesy and uninteresting. Critters is a lot of fun with those bounty hunters and the way they go around blowing up stuff, driving cars backwards and into churches, and exploding doors to enter a house and stop The Crites. Very light on the horror, more sci-fi. I'd say a fun, low-budget sci-fi set in a small town with a limited amount of characters. View all replies >