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Some of the dialogue between the two Chucks was fun. Something like, "Come on, Chuck, this will go on forever. You know what lousy shots we are!" and "Careful, brother, you know how much we hate heights!" The version I saw had this scene and may explains why she openly suggested her and the main guy have sex when outside talking. As for the bush, I imagine having this allows movie censors to give the movie a lower rating to access more audience from a commercial standpoint. From memory it was a short, distant, dark and possibly almost blurry shot so the fact we are talking about it in detail is hilarious. Go and watch Basic Instinct and have your finger on the pause button. :) Not at all, I never got any feeling that something was supernatural or extraterrestrial or anything like that. I thought his name was Troy, that's what I kept hearing anyway. I'm sure some police would come out to Delos to at least check on their claims, with the knowledge that they might try everything with them, and it can escalate from there. I didn't realise it was the same actor. I loved his character in The Invitation and kept wondering who this actor was. Exactly my feelings. I wanted to find out what happened to that young student the first segment focused on so much. I also thought maybe their trans-gender aspect was going to play into it somehow. I kept expecting we would see them again at a later stage but that was it. The middle segment is by far the most interesting but it is also really strange. The last segment felt like it was shot to just extend the movie to theatrical length, kind of like how Dark Star was extended. It really is a one-time watch movie. Like Interstellar. Big interesting ideas but bad results. There were time limits imposed on each stage of the experiment where X number of people had to be killed. So if they all started at the same time and ran to the same schedule, it's possible some of the experiments may have concluded around the same time, especially if the people running it kill off everyone when the kill quotas are not met. Yes, I would imagine a number of people would run off alone or bunch up and just hide and hope it will be over without harm coming to them. The experimenters might have then told them to join the others or be killed by the head bomb, at least that's what I'd write into it. It does seem pretty stupid. It wouldn't cost much in the big picture of things to send a team out there to at least survey the area and see if they can detect any sign of something, and plan a proper destruction. As a result we have this ridiculous desperate personal battle against the odds at the end as if the writer conveniently got rid of the military's involvement. View all replies >