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It's a lovely movie full of colourful, funny, touching and sad moments, set in a kind of surreal yet familiar world. They were friends. The word "friend" is mentioned by one of them in part III from memory. But the chemistry and sheer joy of them performing together made me never question how or why. It just worked so good. I have to agree. I can't get enough of the original but the sequel was a bad idea. I'm sure it has its fans, but the mood and style was all wrong. I even felt Dan had trouble getting the old Elwood accent right at times. I've been enjoying it. Had to restart watching it as I got busy with The Orville, Space Force, The Mandalorian, Star Trek: Lower Decks and Avenue 5! THX 1138 The Godfather Colors or Apocalypse Now I love the movie Falling Down but I always felt he was not so great in it. I kept expecting a series of new movies to come along but just learned about this new TV series. It should be out by 2022 if the pandemic doesn't worsen significantly. I welcome anything more in the "regular" BSG universe, I have been hoping for it and looking forward to it. Really hope I am not disappointed. Seeing that it is set in the same universe which had a long story that was concluded, I don't know how they can go back to this story unless they create stories set in between the seasons or episodes of what we got in the reboot. When I say "regular" I mean BSG and not Caprica. I had no interest in that. I wonder what a humourous adult cartoon version might be like, set in the 1970s with all the charming style of class of the original show. The movie is terrible. Religion aside, the overlong scenes of characters talking, the very wooden acting by Cage, the ridiculous errors with how planes work and downright annoying other characters and timing of some things made it unbearable. I hope Cage refunded his fee for this movie, it's one of the worst performances I've seen. This scene has some debate among fans. Bruce Spence said that someone else was in the role but something happened and he was asked to fill the role late in production. So it sounds like it was intended that Max and the pilot had never met. However, Max stops, stares and points while saying, "YOU!" and knows he has a plane. It is very clear Max is familiar with the pilot and knows he can intimate him to get them on the plane and out of there, given their history. In Mad Max 2 the pilot has a bit of a thing for one of the young women in the compound, so it's possible the little girl is their child. I doubt this is all linked, given the late replacement of the character by Spence, but it all sure seems to fit in right. I thought Sandler's acting was good in this. I felt myself getting a bit emotional towards the end. ## SPOILER BELOW ## However, throughout the whole movie the Michael Newman and his wife were completely stupid. She was so compliant and wrapped around his finger he could do whatever he wanted for so long, as long as he gave her cute cuddles and lame attempts at sex. Eventually she leaves him of course, but I think there was some poor writing from the writer in relation to how parental relationships or mother/father partnerships really work. Otherwise it was good. Morty wasn't evil, he was hilarious. Or more precisely, Christopher Walkin's portrayal of him was. He was the best thing in this movie. He has so many funny lines which are kind of quiet and get missed unless you pay attention. View all replies >