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Hate This Episode LILY I have a number of questions ... Who was Antony Ponzoni playing ?? Darby's Book Don't let you kids watch this episode Actors Not Age Appropriate Those Three Brothers ! YIKES ! Farmer Murders & Plants Victims In Garden Is There A Message Board For TV Commercials ? View all posts >


Nothing hurts more than " let's still be friends "....thanks, Skater ! Thank you very much The black janitor killer her, and he threatened the young boy who saw him do it to keep his mouth shut or he'd kill him as well.....then 70 years later, the boy, now an old man, told the authorities so he could die with a clear least he cleared Leo Frank's name so that these movies could be made ! John, did you see the 1988 movie starring Jack Lemmon as the Governor ? God, what a sad and horrible story ! I hope that janitor is rotting in Hell, not only for raping and killing Mary, but for letting Leo Frank be tortured and lynched. At least the boy who saw it happen finally told the truth, but too late for Leo, his wife and family. Thanks for reading my post, John, and may the next movie you see be a bit more uplifting ! He's referring to the way hings were in the 1800 's, not the way they are now. Now it's offensive to say "waiter" instead of "server", but it wasn't 10 years ago. Yes, but can she dance ?? It was Marla Gibbs....remember, she sang on " The Jeffersons" too....Florence was very active in her Church Choir I know you wrote this 12 years ago, Addison, but I just read it now ....I am so glad you got to meet Miss Gray, and that she was nice & personable to you. I live in NYC and go to Chiller every year, but I must have missed this one. I would have loved to meet her, as The Leech Woman is one of my very favorite movies. Are you still going to Chiller ? Did she mention anything about Grant Williams ? I 've heard so many different contravertial things about him, I wonder what is true..I bet Miss Gray would tell the truth ! Anyway, congrats again on this wonderful encounter, and I wish you many more ! No one can replace Clint Walker, he was a Hero on Earth, and now an Angel in Heaven....if he is not included in the Memorium on the Emmys, I will never watch the Emmys again. Yes, you can hear him sing " I Believe ", the religious song, on You Tube View all replies >