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Don't you know what the black Viking trope is? Look it up. And how can you complain about Idris Elba???? And you didn't see non black actors play evil parts in the 19th century? I wasn't there so I don't know. Probably not a lot in Europe and North America. More black face if required. But in Asia and Africa there would have been a lot of non white good and bad guys I'm guessing. And to be honest there has been a lot more white straight males playing president than not, have been president than not. So law of averages - you have a white male playing the US President. You said they were being excluding race gender and sexuality. I'm just coming back to you with the crap that every other race gender and sexuality is told when it is the other way around and you don't seem to like it. Especially seeing you are seeming to say you don't really watch the show but this is annoying you. Don't like it don't watch- again what other groups for years were told. Or you can watch and see how it pans out especially if the stories work. Plus comparitively speaking for a show called Supergirl white men actually haven't been the main bad guy for most of the shows run time. Jimmy, J'onn and Brainy - all cis males and so far straight. They hit 2 of your three categories and Kara and Lena hit 2 of the three categories you asked for white and straight. The issue you have is that they don't have all three together in the package you are use to being front and centre even though we've seen white men working at Catco and in the DEO. Hell be like everyone else take what you can get. You are getting inclusivity just it is cycling through it and white male and straight hero hasn't been about this season but straight trans hasn't been there until now, Latino hasn't been there for 5, non binary hasn't been there at all. Gay in the sense of gay male hasn't been there. So why complain that white straight and male isn't getting put on camera as hero club for one season when a lot of ethnic groups haven't had their time on Supergirl? Because Lex, Lockwood and the President were white men and the bad guys. Well it is for one season as look at the big bads of previous seasons. Season 3 - the bad guys - women Season 2 - the bad guy - a woman Season 1 - most of the season bad guy - a woman So what on Supergirl for one season the bad guys were white straight men. For the majority of the seasons the bad guys were mad women! Females should be more pissed. But you didn't get your representation, well you just got a taste what every other group has had for years and we were told to basically get over it. Loving the shout out to the Black Viking trope but is anyone really complaining that Idris Elba was Heimdall, hell does anyone complain about Idris Elba in anything. Hell its Idris Elba....which is very nice to think about in any sense. Black Iron man - you mean Ironheart? That is a different character not a black Tony Stark Black Spiderman - again a different character. Not simply a black Peter Parker. the character in Batwoman (I can't stand Ruby Rose) is supposed to be linked to Lucas Fox, not Alfred Black Jimmy Olsen - a lot better than the Zack Synder Jimmy Olsen Black companions for Robin Hood - they are supposed to be Moors, which is at least a reason for being black in England at that point, rather than just have them without any excuse like they were born in Nottingham at that time and Jamie Foxx should give back his Oscar for that last movie. Now black Lex Luthor? We have a white mother and Lena being the half sister through their father, so a black Lex wasn't going to happen. But why Black? Why not Asian or Hispanic? A black evil president - yeah possible but roll the dice and look at the stats. More likely the President will be a white male seeing how we've only had one out of 45 not fit that mold. Or are you against the stats now?? If you don't watch this season then why complain? You stopped caring about this show long ago. But now you care? Winn was always the only white recurring male on the show so why not bitch in season 1 or 2 when he got sidelined? So what though? Considering you obviously know that Winn left last season and made it to the finale of this before you realised that there wasn't a straight WHITE male in the the starting hero line up then it says that the story this season actually worked on what a lot of those complaining about SJW's trying to shoehorning diversity in say should be the primary concern - the story stands up. Because you didn't miss the lack of the obvious white maleness kicking arse. Black and Indo European maleness did the job as did LGBT and straight black and white femaleness. As for white male villians, well what do you want Lex to be something else than white? Or Otis (who was white in the Chris Reeves films) And like it or not there has been only one black president, so a male president would most likely be white and most college professors are white. So the question we have to ask is it casual racism or is it those characters being cast as the same ethnic groups they always were or most likely to be? If so does that mean we have to move the needle in other ways and how would you exactly say we should do that without people being inspired by what they see around them? If you spend five minutes to think about the aftermath then it is messy. A handful of Lords who have burnt a lot bridges with their people and each other quickly deciding who gets to be King? And they pick an outsider gets voted in to rule the South while the Kingdom he is from goes walk about? I get the unsullied head to Narth - sure it is because Grey Worm loved Messandai. But do the peaceful people of Narth get a say in it? They are peaceful but the slavers only just raid? Something fishy there. Maybe the people of Narth have a deal going on that lets them be left alone for the majority of the time and even if not an army who just turns up on your doorstep for your 'protection'?? And what about the Dorkathi? They staying in Westeros or going with the unsullied? If they go anywhere what are they going to do? They aren't farmers Dany still had a large enough number of them to be prominant at Dany's speech. They planning to continue their own way of life? Won't go down well in Narth or in Westeros and in Essos will it be easy to go back to what they had? Bronn gets the Reach? What about all the Lords who served the Tyrells? What is their say on it? Sam has oath broken from one side of the continent to the other - but he gets to be Grandmaester? Something fishy there. Gendry is Lord of the Stormlands because of Dany? Sure Bran could back him up but can't say whoever was looking after the Stormlands before that is going to be happy and not have local support. The Iron Islands didn't demand to stay independent like the North did - how is that going to play in the Iron Islands? Because that means Yara is meant to be their 'Queen' and she didn't tell the other six kingdoms that hate them she was staying that? But Sansa did? The prince of Dorne - where was he when the Sand Snakes were running amoke? Is his power solid. The council looked easy but you spend five minutes thinking then it is a bit messy about the outcomes of all of them It definitely subverted the trope. But that is the thing I'm not saying it was a great episode, but we've watched a show about politics and aftermaths in real life are boring and messy and no-one is happy and the people who we think should get power very rarely do. Guess that was what they were going for - that and getting out to get to their new project Maybe being mediocre is the whole point. The throne itself is pointless, power is fleeting and real change that benefits the majority isn't exactly emotionally satisfying. Didn't Tyrion say that no-one 'No-one is really happy. It is a good compromise I suppose' Because like previously they are playing the long game to control the 6 kingdoms. Voting Bran in, the last True Born son of Ned Stark, who can't have kids and having relatively little to no blood on his hands regarding the war in terms of the South means the high lords get the people under control with little bloodshed now and then they may gain control in the future. Think about it - for the minor lords and ladies in the South do they even believe that the 'Great War' really involved Ice Zombies? Course not. What is more sellable is that the North fought something, roided out Wildlings or something but Bran showed up has seen shit and is now semi catatonic which in a way a blessing for pacifying the realm at that point. To the lords Bran is a symbol the blood shed will end for the people but he isn't really going to 'rule' them, it will be the council who decide the big crap and local lords will be left to their own devices - mind there is no 'Master of Laws' on Bran's council at the end. They don't really understand what Bran truly is or can do. Because think of how the Southern Lords are thinking- the common folk as long as they have food in the bellies and are left alone in the sense they aren't being threatened with being killed on the streets on a whim don't really care about who is on the throne but they do care when it they aren't getting those things. In terms of what is needed for the South they need a King who is either the messiah or someone who isn't really touched by the backbitting of the war the South really knows about - the one over the throne or the Faith Militant or the Lord of Light publicly, which like it or not Bran is. Because Tyrion is right - Bran has the best story, in the sense of the most marketable one to the common people. Just like Robert did long ago - the rebellion over his love being stolen. It was Brandon Stark who triggered the rebellion by demanding his sister back and Ned who had rights to demand vengeance for 3 members of his family but it was Robert the rebellion was named after not Ned or Brandon or Lyanna. Why? Because Robert was more charismatic than Ned and after the mad King that is what the realm needed. Plus the voting thing means that the high lords may get their hands on the throne although that will probably be Bronn's descendent if Bronn can hold onto the Reach considering the the Reach feeds and now pays for the 6 Kingdoms. You want to piss off the bread basket by not giving them a crown if they want it in the future? View all replies >