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Carter also said "I'll bitchslap you back to Bangkok" possibly, but we can only go off what actually happened in the movie universe pretty much what paladinj said. also remember when Peter is talking to dr Octavius about love "love should never be a secret, if you keep something as complicated as love deep inside you it can you make you sick and weak" @THX1138 "You're the one that seems silly, like you love this filmmaker too much for some reason" Incorrect just because I as many others in this thread have pointed out your illogical posts does not make me silly, the only one silly here is you claiming racism with no shred of evidence. "They weren't really "friends". You can tell they're suppose to be people they socialize with but don't really like a lot. Theyre written that way so when they're killed the audience can enjoy it." LOL so they went on vacation together and their kids knew each other and they knew about each other's lives and you claim they werent friends. I guess you would know better than the director. Who's looking silly here? Please stop with this poor pitiful attempt at trolling you are seriously making yourself look really stupid right now. This is my last response to you. @ THX1138 you're clearly trolling or something is seriously wrong with you and you need to stand up to alleviate the pressure off your brain. the main "white" characters were friends with the black family, how is that racist? the main "white" characters were murdered by their white clones, how is that racist? I wish there was some way to expose people who hide behind their anonymity when it comes to threads like these maybe then we wouldn't get such idiotic topics you're looking silly @THX1138 @tollyfan33 the OP is talking about simpsons episode (treehouse of horror) where bart has an evil twin who lives in the attic and in the end it turns out Bart was the evil twin all along and the one in the attic was the good twin. that doesnt justify anything I agree with the OP this is best we are ever going to get in my opinion. The turtles were a product of their time, this movies still holds up somewhat I wish they would leave ninja turtles alone. Oh well at least we have the memories, I was obsessed with ninja turtles in the 80's and early 90's. I can't count how much money i spent on the arcade game at chuck e cheese the prank was unnecessary. reese did nothing to them he was literally in minding his own business. I'm guessing you haven't seen the movie yet View all replies >