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Another racist movie white boys will love. How would you go about killing an Alien? F.Y.I. He was cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Cannon's version. I guess Sutherland is in this. Does anyone find the Alien xenomorph scary anymore? If this group of folks arrive to populate the planet, why... Will the trailer be posted here? This was the best show on television at one time. Spoiler! Death Warrant was already made. Stallone Sues Warner Bros. Over Demolition Man. This may make Marvel level money. Bombing an empty base does not make one "heroic". Bannon removed from National Security Council Bannon removed from National Security Council Stacey Nelkin was adorable in this. *Spoiler* Time for a reboot. Trump and diarrhea. One and the same. Useless. Hawt.