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Another racist movie white boys will love. How would you go about killing an Alien? F.Y.I. He was cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Cannon's version. I guess Sutherland is in this. Does anyone find the Alien xenomorph scary anymore? If this group of folks arrive to populate the planet, why... Will the trailer be posted here? This was the best show on television at one time. Spoiler! Death Warrant was already made. View all posts >


Word! Sure, I get that part. However, since most people know what the xeno looks like, in order to make the film scary (for me, anyway), I think they should show us something different. Not having seen the film yet, I can't say that the xeno may look different in some way or do something we haven't seen it do in other films. However, if the trailer is an indication of the film and the plot, this will play like some sort of slasher film. We've all seen slasher movies...and honestly, I don't find Jason frightening anymore. Entertaining? Sure, at times. Scary? Not to me. And I'd *like* to be scared! Well, they cast Jimmy Smits and Giancarlo Esposito who aren't working at scale. Besides the props and costumes, they shot a lot on location, which isn't cheap. And, they used some existing music, so they had to pay music rights to use some of those tunes and footage. Some of the musical numbers may have required multiple takes with a lot of extras...and/or maybe they just didn't budget well. Maybe they had lots of dinners or never know. Not pointless to watch. Just, the " I bet if you encountered the Alien in real life though, you'd shit your pants." comment is actually pointless, because the Alien is as real as Superman. The movies can be be fun and entertaining - that's what they're for. If it's pointless to be entertained for you, then, that's just how you feel. If you want. Can I call you "head giver"? Yes. However, the xeno is just a man in a suit or a computer generated character. Not real at all. But, if I were a character in the movie, I'd freak. Basically, I'd be f*cked. Those motherf*ckers are fast, strong, and extremely difficult to kill due to the acid blood. So, game over over. Yep. Best part of the movie! I agree! It's going to tie in to the film "Split". I don't think so. That article is pretty old and the series ran so over budget that they had to finish it with animation. Also, key players are moving on to other projects like Jurassic World 2 and Aquaman. So, I don't expect The Get Down to have another season. I believe "Season 1 - Part 2" is the last we'll see of the show. Kober is great as the killer. View all replies >