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Pure hyperbole. This is my kind of comic book movie, you'll still have your Captain Marvel. The Marvel fanbase is much worse, every minute detail is broadcast all over social media and the endless praise over every decision Feige makes is eye-rolling. I like DC but I'm not going to say Aquaman, Suicide Squad, Shazaam were anything other than popcorn flicks. "rich white Trump voters"? yet most rich white people vote for liberal parties. "And none of this is subtle" I mean I like the kind of cinema that is open for interpretation but yeah lack of subtlety is praise now. It was pretty brutal to be fair, I was expecting Pennywise to go after the bullies after the beating but what happened instead shocked me. It was powerful and shocking which is what makes a good horror, could the controversial horror movie be back? The first movie was much better when it came to use of CGI. There was far too much of it throughout the movie, I liked the more old school groundedness of the first. Joker is about to become the next American Psycho in terms of meme/chan culture. This seems like a film which appeals to people who aren't allowed to enjoy life, which means the media will go ape. It's a breath of fresh air to see a film akin to Nolan's Batmanverse with no silly gags and a serious tone. I'll take 10 tickets please. Well said. I don't disagree with Peele's comments, just the tone and attitude. If only people in Hollywood were as articulate and sensible sounding as you in the way you worded your post. As per the reply above, preferring male characters over female ones is alt-right now. The more you know... I don't know how I feel about this, if Hugo Weaving returns it could be interesting. Disney is becoming too powerful for some peoples liking so it's easy to be a bit knee jerky when a news item comes out about them. But you're right, I might've reacted too fast without thought. View all replies >