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I saw that reply from the guy who said that he dumped his girlfriend because she "hated whites", some people in another thread criticised some of the replies and weren't convinced those people were actually black but white people impersonating black people. I certainly feel for John, he seems like a real guy, someone who doesn't let stardom get in the way of speaking his mind, I respect that but I can't blame you for deleting your account either. I think about leaving Twitter too, the drama can be entertaining but the hive mind mentality drives me nuts. "Oh you assumed this white person might be innocent? Y'all promoting white supremacy." I wonder if Trump gets voted out the white house, the racial tension will subside a bit. Not wanting rich people to take over the world should hardly be considered a 'left wing' position. I know those 'eat the rich' SJW accounts on the internet can be a nuisance but you shouldn't just allow yourself to stan rich people to 'own the libs', the message in this movie shouldn't just be written off as a 'left wing' one, it's more important that that, it's a righteous one. Blade Runner 2049 was bad. A good enough reason to love him I'd wager. Threads like these are the reason I miss the IMDb message boards. I thought it was an okay film and understand why Scorsese would appreciate this movie, there's a lot to like in it for cinephiles, it's well shot and has lots of symbolism and the like. But Marvel? Drab cinematography, tons of CGI, green screens, stock soundtrack etc, it's every cinephiles nightmare. They'll turn Sydney into a mary sue, she'll have a butch haircut and a permanent sour expression on her face (to prevent the heinous male gaze...) and whenever this change is questioned by fans, SJWs will come out and say "did you manbabies see the original Scream movies? She's always been like that incel" That and it doesn't feel right to continue the franchise without Wes. R.I.P. Wes Craven. Blade Runner 2049 which at 8.0 is only 1 point behind the original. Compared to the original which is a near masterpiece, 2049 realistically shouldn't be higher than 7.3. That's good to hear, thanks. Weirdly enough the Mandela aspect of the whole thing is the only part I don't buy, Nelson Mandela was and still is a household name in the UK and Europe and for us there's no way he died prior to 2013, I find it peculiar knowing there are people out there who thought he died much prior to that. The Berenstain bears thing is odd because I think of it as stein and that box of chocolates line change in Forrest Gump. View all replies >