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Just because they have that power it doesn't mean they should use it. Purely tyrannical. "You look really pretty" "Therefore I have value?" [url][/url] Me neither, substitute La La Land for West Side Story and The Artist for Casablanca and you're good. But your generation who grew up as kids in the 1980s don't like these movies though, check out Comicartistpro Secrets and Geeks + Gamers on YouTube, those guys are 30-40 somethings. If anything it's the millennials who defend the Disney Star Wars movies. What a difference 12 years makes, it's the complete opposite now. Forrest Gump could never be made today. It's sad we're missing out on potential classics being made due to the restrictions put in place by the perpetually offended. All the films you list have nothing on The Alibi. Alpha Papa and The Other Guys are great, Around the World in 80 Days was decent, the other two aren't that bad put up against some of the stuff passing as comedy nowadays. I got a Madness of King George vibe from one of the clips I saw. That was a pretty good retort from Liz in response to such an odd comment from Bale. And the director Joe Cornish, who couldn't handle even a tad bit of criticism Attack the Block received. View all replies >