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I'd add The Prestige, probably the most screen time Sir Michaels had out of all his Nolan films. Mads is at his best in his native language, his Danish productions are all varied and excellent (Men & Chicken and Another Round show his strengths as an actor). His Hollywood output pays his bills, but all they have for him is roles as Nazis or murderers. Lionsgate just had to John Wickify it, this is everything people don't want in The Crow. Chalamet and Zendaya look like they photosynthesize, probably just hamster droppings from them. As for everyone else what were their diets like? He can do the voice too, as we saw in Lincoln. If not P.T.A then Charlie Kaufman could pull off a satirical take on the manosphere, but make it more nuanced unlike 'Don't Worry Darling'. When TS3 came out I was stunned by how good it was. TS4 had a lot to compete with, expectations were very high so the mixed to negative reviews by audiences shouldn't come as a surprise. I've found it's a better film on numerous rewatches but it's become TS2 in terms of 'that one next to the greater film'. The whole 'Barbie is woke' discourse has gotten old, whilst it's probably 'woke' by the book the reason it made money is all in the marketing. Women turned up to screenings as a blonde pink-clad Barbie not as an archetypical blue-haired Tumblrina. The film proved women are still feminine and like dressing up in pink, the gender nonconformists didn't do too well in 2023, conservatives ought to be celebrating that perhaps? I agree, the book signing scene was especially absurd. It's bordering on parody much like Halloween Kills with its 'evil dies tonight' silliness. Barbie made bank, it's nothing to do with "strong women intimidating evil white men" or whatever concocted waffle is the excuse this time. Superheroes are still profitable, it's just this recent slate has not much of an audience. The OP straight out of the 1940's trying to "name the Jew" despite the original 'The Exorcist' director William Friedkin (RIP) being Jewish so what is the deal here? View all replies >