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It's gonna be weird, hope it's not another Dumb and Dumber To situation. BvS was serious to the point of being unintentionally unfunny, yeah I can't defend that one even if I tried, but hey I liked it, the fight scenes were pretty good. DC are doing great adopting the Marvel formula, next they'll be making 'The Batman' Deadpool-esque making self-referential 'jokes'. After all these years DC spent trying to get the cinematic Batman right and make audiences take him seriously as a character, turning him into a laughing stock will just be ironic at this point. I don't know about everyone else but there's only so much quipping and cornball humour I can put up with. It's like superhero movies today are being made for Big Bang Theory fans, which wouldn't be a problem if we could have dark superhero movies too. It feels like only yesterday I saw Suicide Squad on the big screen, oh the horror. Moore is on point, just look at this review on Rotten Tomatoes. [quote]A welcome antidote to the usual brooding DC fare, an upbeat superhero movie that feels young at heart.[/quote] "Welcome antidote" suggests every other superhero movie is dark and brooding, that couldn't be further from the truth. There hasn't been a single good superhero movie since 2017 that I've wanted to see, everything has to be quirky and lightweight. Gotham is the only superhero related thing with a bit of an edge to it. Audiences prefer light forgettable superhero fare. We'll never get another movie like Logan or Man of Steel as long as this trend continues. Bonnie and Clyde The Sixth Sense is miles better than Get Out, miles better. Peele acts like he's the best thing since sliced bread. Too bad the loudest voice who whined about DC being too dark and brooding got their own way. The old DC would never fare well in our current climate, what with its toxic masculinity and all. Sadly, wittiness and puns is the sort of thing which tests better with audiences. I'd like to see a real superhero film again, a cinematic one as opposed to an episodic one. The last great superhero film I saw was Logan, which didn't feel the need to soften any blows with a zany punchline. A breath of fresh air to see what looks like a big Hollywood film without a political slant. 100% watch. The "to own the libs" effect is in full force here. Drac's post came across like "Re-hiring James Gunn to own the repubs". Should Gunn have been fired in the first place? Probably not, and I doubt he was to begin with. Kevin Harts and Roseanne Barr's tweets paled in comparison to his, even if they were "jokes". I believe we're in 'manbaby' territory now, I guess it's no longer politically correct for 'SJWs' to shame us for being virgins. Has 'basement dwellers' been retired? It must've become apparent that not all of us have basements. 'Manbaby' is probably a return to form somewhat... 88% on RT. I'm guessing the audience score will be around 60%. View all replies >