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Yea I don't know why that is, I mean he is very well known + when I was on IMDB he had hundreds of posts I think there will be as it is a very well known case, However I do think they will add things in this series that didn't happen as well Good to very good selection there-I watch all of those, I would type out all the TV shows I like but would take me hours to name all of them and it is very late here as well so going to bed soon ! But apart from the ones you said, I also like + really like: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Punisher, Travelers, Dark, The O.A, Altered Carbon, Outlander, Ray Donovan, Homeland, The Americans, Lucifer, The Haunting of Hill House, Ozark, Black Mirror, etc etc etc What do you all think of the other trailers + TV spots for the film, I do think though that having it opening on Boxing day is a stupid idea for a cinema release for the UK, Where as in other countries it is before that or after Xmas period Moonglum9- Sorry for the very late reply, I enjoyed it and now we know that it has been renewed for a 2nd season....Have you not watched any of it then? PrimeMinisterX-I posted this a very long time ago 2 years ago this week, And now you replied 3 days ago lol Anyway after all this time so glad that back in July we finally got a trailer for it, As far as I know it is sticking to the facts What other TV shows or mini series do you like? I don't know how you didn't know he had been on other stuff before QL, I have read many retro stuff and QL has been mentioned! How did you not know it lasted 5 seasons-Wether you watched it or not........Example I don't watch the TV Supernatural But I know it just had it's 12 season as seen it advertised and read about it + that it also got renewed for a 13th season as seen pictures for it in magazines, online, papers, heard talked about on radio etc AngularTurnip-hey are still around on other message boards, But also gone to other chat forums like IMDB2.0 etc The way you said where have they all gone and not where have some of others gone made it sound like there was just 4 people speaking on all of the boards lol Yea nothing more annoying than a TV show ends with a massive cliffhanger with no resolution- Space Above Beyond, Carnivale-COUGH Yea same here! Haha fair enough and when do you think that might be lol, Yea Check out Snowfall unless you don't know that has been renewed for a second season! Yea please look in to the others I have mentioned except for Halt + Catch Fire as why your on this board-And know you watch Stranger Things + GLOW..........The Americans is also one of my fav shows set in the 80's Your welcome Dazed-Where you from, Haha you mean The Goldbergs you did a typo there :-) So which ones have you seen advertised but not seen, One of my fav ones back on TV now for it's 4th and final season is:Halt + Catch Fire Chrisjdel-That was for consoles the computer crash-Not for PC'S though King_of_bob-Your fucking kidding me right saying:Video games weren't the cultural phenomena they are now. Ummmm PC's like IBM, Apple, Amiga, Atari ST, Spectrum, Consoles like: Sega-Master System, Nintendo- NES,..........Sega-Megadrive, etc etc...Why on so many documentaries, many magazines and adverts on TV to buy them and they sold millions and just common knowledge Video Games started the cultural phenomena ....WTF you talking about Bloody annoying seems MovieChat have stopped my bloody links goin through-Just copy and paste it...... Yes of course As soon as I sent that last message I thought I have spoke to this guy before lol Yes I'm from UK-When you sorting out your trip to UK? Did you read that link I sent, You should watch other TV shows which sure you have watched or know of like- Halt + Catch Fire, Red Oaks, The Goldbergs, Snowfall, Narcos, Channel Zero. Deutschland 83, which followed an East German operative in West Germany, returns next year on SundanceTV as Deutschland 86. etc PrimeMinisterX exactly, Where you from? and what other TV shows do you watch that are set in the 80's or 90's or both?? Check out this link-[url][/url] Yea I know but when other series have done that it hasn't been 2 episodes in one-It has been a feature length episode-And they promoted it as if it was a really long episode of 90mins Where you from? That really pissed me off when I thought the season 4 premiere was going to be 90 min episode not 2 episodes rolled in to 90 mins that was misleading! They should at least make the final episode of S4 a 90min or 120 min episode I'm sure you will watch S2, I mean the kids won't be so annoying as you put it And you must like that as a whole surly Modica- Many good TV shows in the 80's as well, Today had some good/very good TV shows but some are crap........You should watch other TV shows set in the 80's like:The Americans, Halt + Catch Fire, The Goldbergs etc -Sure yo u know of them as they are popular