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The Odd Couple - the film was good; the tv show was great Thanks for the info, LL. I must admit that my eyes grew a bit wider when I read in your post that John Gallagher, Jr. was in <i>10 Cloverfield Lane</i>, because like T.J. Miller, he shall also appear in <i>Underwater</i>. I appreciate that you mentioned this, because this is something that the Screen Rant article neglected to mention. <blockquote>And I could likewise envision Kristen having good chemistry with Gallagher, like she always has with her male costars.</blockquote> I have no doubt that that will be the case when we see them together onscreen early next year. So that makes two actors from the Cloverfield Universe that are also in <i>Underwater</i>. Makes one wonder, eh? Meanwhile John Gallagher, Jr. is now the fourth person from the musical <i>Spring Awakening</i> that has been involved in Kristen's films. John Gallagher, Jr. is in <i>Underwater</i> Hunter Parrish played Kristen's brother in <i>Still Alice</i> Lauren Pritchard sang the Duncan Sheik (and Steven Sater) song, <i>As Shadows Do</i> to close out <i>The Cake Eaters</i> https://youtu.be/Im1jJd3_VaU And of course, Duncan's <i>I Wouldn't Mind</i> was also in <i>TCE</i> - https://youtu.be/fI5Ee1jsD3I Here's the four of them (plus Alexandra Socha) singing, <i>Touch Me</i> - https://youtu.be/EhaUzW7jEVA Has anyone here seen the <i>Cloverfield</i> films? The reason I ask is because I just read an article regarding <i>Underwater</i> and <i>Cloverfield</i>, titled ... <b>5 Ways Underwater Could Be A Cloverfield Movie (& 5 Reasons It Won't Be)</b> https://screenrant.com/underwater-could-be-cloverfield-movie-reasons-not/ Since I have not seen any of the <i>Cloverfield</i> films, none of what is contained in the Screen Rant article makes any sense to me. Or perhaps I should say almost all of what was written makes no sense to me, as I do understand that T.J. Miller, who is in <i>Underwater</i>, was also in <i>Cloverfield</i>. So if LL, Ron, Mody or anyone else could explain what the hell the similarities are between the two projects, it would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, I'd also like to know if you guys thought that the <i>Cloverfield</i> films were any good (assuming that you did see them). Thanks for posting that video, nyctc7. I loved it when Jay quoted Enzo Ferrari's statement that he thought that the E-Type was the most beautiful car ever made. Obviously, I wholeheartedly agree. Ditto. And for the record, I'd choose a 1967 model of the XK-E (that's still a Series 1), preferably the roadster rather than the coupe. Oh yeah, I'll take a manual transmission, please. My 1979 black Honda Prelude got hit by one egg on Halloween night, 1981. It was quite annoying. And no, I have never egged a car. I was an Addams Family fan ... "Thank you, Thing" - https://youtu.be/-CVRVN0auzM And since Halloween is near, I do believe that it's time for some trick or treats ... https://youtu.be/qpF_XJzcN34 Forbidden Planet The Guns of Navarone Ben Hur James Anderson as Bob Ewell in <i>To Kill a Mockingbird</i>. hownos, did you ever hear the cover of <i>Season of the Witch</i> done by Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper and Steven Stills? If not, here it is ... https://youtu.be/NWkMMXgQohc View all replies >