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I've spent a lot of time over the last few years visiting vineyards and farms, for no specific reason other than that I felt drawn to these places. Maybe that's why I don't really like artisanal local places - you cannot beat freshly made ice cream (if that makes sense). The difference is stark, imo. Also, I'm not feeling flavours like lavender. I can't fault his work. I can't even fault his weirdness. My condolences. Why did you wait 45 years? It's such brilliant stuff. Huge fan of macadamia flavoured ice-cream. Also, ice creams home made and served on site in farming areas seem to be extra delicious, whatever flavour they may be. It's not just you. I don't know if it's happening more these days or there's just more congestion in certain areas, but I've noticed it a lot in the last few years. People seem extra preoccupied these days, phones or not. The minute they get a moment alone, they seem to get too stuck into it and forget what they're doing. Absolutely, yes, 100%. Even when I'm participating in things I usually enjoy, I get over them quite quickly. He also should have sung on Law & Order, but we can only dream. Def worth it. She exchanged a few words with Joseph, which seemed like a pretty obvious goodbye. Quentin Tarantino comes immediately to mind. As a pescatarian, as often as possible. I personally love meaty fish, like tuna and salmon. I love it raw, grilled or in sushi. As a pescatarian, as often as possible. I personally love meaty fish, like tuna and salmon. I love it raw, grilled or in sushi. If it doesn't personally affect me - for example, if we're talking about someone cheating on an exam - pretty inoffensive. If we're talking about someone cheating in a game I'm partaking in, annoying, but not offensive. I'm probably never going to play games with someone I know is a cheat. My philosophy: cheating in life is cheating yourself out of true victory. So the cheater is the only one who should really be bothered by it. Probably About Schmidt is the most close to what you're looking for, I think. And it's a good film. I think they all are. The internet isn't free. Neither is owning a TV, phone or a computer, etc. For a lot of people, spending $24 a month on something that isn't food, rent or utilities is actually a lot of money. Most people in this position would likely never admit to it, so it's not a common thing to hear about. But it's quite common for many people to have to live with. If you think you're disadvantaged, yet you can easily afford these things, I would reconsider that label. I misunderstood your point, I suppose. It seems like you were suggesting that no one would agree to this new world Gilead because of the lack of entertainment, whereas I was posing the point that they didn't, it was forced on them by people in power as a last ditch effort to procure more births and save the planet. As a fantasy novel fan, this is the top book series recommended to me by 99% of my fellow fantasy lovers. So definitely has major potential, but also the flip-side is that it could flop, hard. I mean, fingers crossed we get a GOT level show, and not a Shannara Chronicles situation. I don't mind the LOTR homage. It's not rare in fantasy overall tbh so I'm sure I'll cope with it fine. Agree to disagree about the entertainment available to people. Gilead wasn't implemented with the promise of more fun times. It was enforced on the masses - whoever wasn't fast enough in leaving before things got rough. It's not like everyone was invited to the table and asked what they thought of Gilead's rules before something was decided upon. Seems like a lot of rich people with political, military and bank-related connections made the call for everyone with no one's best interests at heart. Kind of a desperate last gasp to save the dying population. By all means, stand by your OP. I just tend to disagree that the children would kick and scream about anything, mostly because these kids are uneducated and therefore lack the skills to express this rebellion. We've never once seen anyone but the adults lash out and even that is done in private. This is a very stunted, very and highly regulated society. No one kicks and screams. It's an unmistakably good song. All the best with your self esteem. But I have to wonder, is being cynical a negative? I feel like being cynical is just being a person. A person with a lot of experience. I've been recommended this book series so many times, but still have yet to read. I should really get on it. But all I know is, if they screw this up, there is going to be a shit storm, considering the huge following this series has. As long as you can maintain your sense of reality, should be fine.