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Nice. I'm gonna go with True by Spandau Ballet, since I used to think it was cheesy as hell when I heard it as a kid. But I love it now as an adult. Tbh I haven't seen it. I definitely want to check it out. Food is simultaneously lovely and bothersome. Has to be Earth Girls Are Easy (1988) with a 5.4 rating. No worries. Good luck with the planning. Okay, good to know. I'll probably give it another watch. I did really like it in the past. If you know where you want to go, and where you don't wanna go, I'd just choose somewhere central so you can access a lot of your desired destinations. Creative is nice, but practical is probably better. Sounds pretty interesting. I would watch it. I recall liking Dead Calm, but I haven't re-watched it in a while so it may not hold up. Yeah, that's definitely annoying and quite stupid tbh. There are a plethora of arguments to make against such a small minded way of thinking. But from my experience, that doesn't happen very often. It also doesn't happen as often as someone trying to feed you meat after you tell them you don't want to eat it. You'd have far less trouble telling someone you don't like, say, tomatoes - people will rarely push tomatoes in front of you or try to hide tomatoes in your food after finding out you don't like them. But people do that to vegans all the time with meat and then try and "catch them" at being bad vegans, which is just weird, because a lot of them like meat. Also, I can't even count how many times someone would either attack me for not eating meat or apologize to me for eating meat while I was doing the vegan thing. I had to repeatedly say, I'm not judging you, I literally don't care what you eat, just please don't offer me meat. View all replies >