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Same as you, OP. 7/10. I don't know if I'd call any of these "good", but I love them all, this one probably the most. I could imagine there are some people who'd want him Jeff-d. For example, if all the "Oprah pimped women out to him" rumours are true, pretty sure Oprah wouldn't want that in the news. I'm sure that's what happened - from Law's response, it doesn't seem like he'd actually been ruminating on it for five years. But whatever the reason, I don't know why he would've said it was still upsetting - why was it ever upsetting? He was over-killing us with his presence in film for a while there and that's a fact. He must know this; he accepted the cheques. I don't know why he didn't just laugh it off or reminisce over his career. Kind of reminds me of when Drew Barrymore was told by someone on a flight that they were sick of how many rom-coms Barrymore featured in at one point in time. While Barrymore was annoyed at first, she still admitted it and went onto direct and star in Whip It - something totally different for her. But then she was like, fk it, I like doing rom-coms and just went straight back to doing those. I guess that makes him kind of sensitive. It wasn't that much of a burn, so much as it was just the truth. I don't know why he still thinks about it - just don't be that guy or do and accept it, man. I'll def see if I can get my hands on this version. How sad - I've been meaning to check out American Gods for a while now. Thanks for the recommendation. Sorry, corrected it. I still stand by the fact it's not a good film. But I did enjoy it and I don't think it deserved the hate it got when it was first released. Wow, there's more of us than I thought. I wouldn't say I love it, but I definitely enjoy it. But I think we're in the minority. Robin Wright Winona Ryder View all replies >