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I can't knock it then. But I feel a lot of depressing art, as well as great art, came from that era. Wonderful news for both you and your dog. I hope you get to stay there for as long as you want, take full advantage of the fireplace and pool and that you cook to your heart's content. THX 1138 (1971) Man, what was happening in '71? It does, but it's not as good. Welcome. Also, I think you're mostly right - parents do damage their kids. But this particular family situation is/was exacerbated by money and fame, I guess, and continues to be. I'm mostly the same. I think I just avoid things that are beyond reasonable prices and swap them out for what I can where applicable. Shopping is a real headache now - not that it was bliss before, but it's kind of anxiety-inducing, the way people are at the shops. I get in and out asap, same as you. Yes, resistance is futile. It sounds like your daughter felt better after a while - at least, I hope so. Mother/daughter relationships are tough. The only conclusion I can really draw from all this he said/she said/they said drama is that both Woody Allen and Mia Farrow were negligent parents. If Mia is the alleged rage-aholic, then Allen knew this and let his kids be abused. If she wasn't and Allen was indeed a pedophile or ephebophile, then where was Farrow when all of this was taking place? Either way, neither one looks innocent in this situation. Both are guilty of fking their kids up, but in what exact ways, I'm not sure we'll ever know. Sorry to hear about the fight. But why cancel The Simpsons? A terrible not to be named horror film...not the best. It's called a load of crap, my friend. Why would you give the money to business owners and not to the workers directly, thus ensuring the money goes where it's supposed to go? And also, why is the government trying to keep businesses open - like you pointed out, there's nothing for the employees to do except get sick. The government could be doing a lot with this money, but nothing they've decided really makes sense. View all replies >