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I just popped into express my admiration for this legend Good, but slow This movie really tried, but it failed The problem I have with this movie Phoenix only comes to help someone in the Dumbledore family Season 5 - The Final Season This show doesn’t hold up in any way View all posts >


Yes and no and it's complicated. Weirdly, my 20s were the best and worst years of my life. It sounds like crap, but I really figured myself out in my 20s and felt my most strongest and my best. I felt like I was finally truly living life in my 20s - living and not just surviving or existing. But I also became ill and that illness has taken over my life. In my 30s now and I'm still struggling with illness, but I'm making more peace with it lately. Oh, that was bad. If there was any hints to or build up to that, I must have contracted some kind of brain damage beforehand because I never picked up on it. Did this very recently and had a similar experience. It's odd, what you find out of stock and still heavily in stock. For example, there was tonnes of milk and butter when I went, but no cheese. I literally only went because I had a craving for nachos and needed ingredients - but they were out of every single ingredient I required. There was TP, surprisingly. I thought everything he said was pretty great haha. But that in particular stood out to me because of what's up right now in the world. Missing might be my favourite, though I do love My Immortal. No it wouldn't be strange. That number is normal for a sexually active adult. Same, but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation. Yes, and it's weird. I don't want news reporters to try and be relatable. Who are they trying to be relatable to? If young people are watching the news, they understand fine. Oh my Chuck, that's honestly both scary and a relief. I'm glad the pilot knew what he was doing. Also, I feel a little extra sorry for Jensen (but I have to admit, his comment made me chuckle). View all replies >