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Obvious solution? It's just Pretty Little Liars Good, but slow View all posts >


Nah all good. Nope-torious B.I.G Idk to be this obsessed with being mixed race and then pointing out someone who looks fully white as the epitome of beauty for mixed race people is suss as hell. Takoyaki Tonkatsu, chicken katsu curry and ramen are all pretty safe options for a beginner. Leslie Knope More like luke-warm weirdo, but I'll take hot maniac, sure. Caught up with all recent episodes of Shogun, pretty big cliff-hanger in the last episode I watched 8/10 Binged all 3 seasons of Alex Rider, season 3 was the weakest, but I'm still sad it's cancelled 7/10 Watched new series Big Mood, I do recommend it but one of the main leads really frustrated me, probably as the writers intended 6.5/10 I fully trust you in this, having experienced only this much and already feeling very discombobulated. Very good stuff. Not regularly. Maybe every now and then, I'll think "Haven't seen so and so actor in a while" and do a quick internet search, but it's far more likely someone will tell me an actor I like has died in passing conversation. View all replies >