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Am I the only one who loves food movies? Kinda loved it. Has rewatching this changed anyone's first impression? Revived fame of Friends is weird, when this show exists Will Justice Strauss be back? After 15 Years... Kill off Rollins character and I'll watch again Good actor, bad comedienne? Just add Swayze This season's villain - kind of futile? View all posts >


In the typical romcom fashion? I like The Holiday. But ever? I like Ever After. To me, it's not just the best romantic comedy, it's also the quintessential Cinderella story. Bad Acting in the Woods covers a lot of movies though, let's be honest. Caramel. Like, what is the correct pronunciation of this word? Suicide. Just...what are you? Morphine. Everyone pronounces it more-feen. But something tells me in my gut it's supposed to be more-fine. And just today, I was writing the word 'neglector' and trying to figure out if it was "er" or "or" at the end. Apparently, not a word at all. Quasi-neglect is a word, but not neglector/neglecter. Okay, sure. Sandra Oh is a gift, but the entire cast is commendable. Sweet potato pie, yes! I just got into it and devoured season 1 like a fierce wolverine. Loved it. How very dare you? What about us womenbabies? We deserve to be acknowledged, too. I get what you're saying, but I can't agree with the women bit. He's not even my type, but Momoa is an absolute catch. I think you're generally right about the pretty man being more conventionally attractive to women, but there's just something about this guy that makes panties drop internationally. Maybe because he's well known for being a great dad as well as a buff bro dude. It's a perfect combination. Also, I was dragged to the movies by girlfriends, one of whom kept murmuring "just take your shirt off" throughout the whole film - which I can't even argue with, since clothing gets heavy in water. Same. John Cena doesn't do it for me, but the movie was great nonetheless. Uuugghhh is my feeling also. I don't remember that! I'll have to rewatch Party of 5ive immediately lol. View all replies >