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There was more than one Sharknado? How did I miss that? Not like authors explain electrical wiring every time someone turns on a light in a house. Also, it's the bible, where else would virtue signalling be acceptable? Yeah, many times. Worst time was in 2014. I saw the same doctor for a year, and she did a number of questionable things that really damaged my respect for medical professionals. I'll leave my health issues out and just tell you what she did. First, she didn’t believe I was ill and treated me like a liar, even though I was visiting her with the same complaint almost every two weeks of that year. So not only was I in pain, but I was really questioning my sanity for a while there. Second, she would take meetings with pharmaceutical reps right before seeing me, and then prescribe whatever medication they were pushing, even though it never related to my specific health issues. In fact, she never prescribed a useful medication once. Third, she started to come into the clinic later and later, so eventually, even if I had an appointment at 9am that I was on time or early for, I might still see her as late as 3pm. Finally, at the end of the year, when she reluctantly agreed to an X-ray and the test results showed I was in fact telling the truth, she still refused to refer me to a specialist or do anymore for me than what she was doing (which was nothing). That was when I cracked and changed doctors. I'd like to say that this was the only bad experience, but the older I get and the more I deal with doctors, the lower my expectations for them go. In these two statements, you've highlighted exactly why no one would want to sue MJ. Despite all the accusations, no one has stopped paying to hear him sing. The fact that people are still defending him after death and listening to his music makes it clear that anyone who comes forward will face a lot of public wrath for speaking out. Which means that any accuser is going to look guilty no matter what, because MJ is worth a lot of money - and if you weren't going to get compensated, why else would you do it? If I knew that the entire world was going to attack me for the rest of my life for telling the truth, you'd better believe I'd want something other than just knowing it's the right thing to do in return. Also, I don't think that the accusers being greedy and MJ being guilty are mutually exclusive possibilities. The accusers may very well be greedy. But that doesn't make their accusations untrue. I respect your opinion. For me, when I think of some of the people kids idolize these days, like Jake Paul for example, it doesn't seem that unconvincing. I think context matters. This has to be taken for what it is, an 80s teen flick, emphasis on the 80s. It's very of its time. Do I think it's losing it's charm as time goes on? Absolutely. But it's also a time capsule and there's a magic in that for a lot of people. Personally, I really appreciate how unpolished it is, especially in contrast to current teen flicks. As a woman, no, I can't say she appeals to me. I don't have any particularly strong feelings toward her, but I have at times puzzled at her fame. I recall Ethan Hawke once saying in an interview that she was naturally likable, so I think it's a case of having a winsome personality irl, which I don't find translates into the films I've seen her in. I accept that. He was an incredibly talented musician and entertainer and one of the biggest trendsetters ever. However, listening to his music now is uncomfortable because of the child molestation allegations and I can't help but believe there's some truth to them. Not douchy, but weird. I've always found it odd to ask someone for their autograph, let alone for a selfie. View all replies >