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To each their own. I'm not mad at him, but his show was mediocre, in my book. If that makes me [insert political-based slur here], I guess that's that. That's a toughie. I do love her performance in Girl, Interrupted. But equally, I love her in Gia, The Bone Collector and Life or Something Like it. So, which is my favourite...? Probably Life or Something Like It. Kristen Stewart. She's more interesting to look at. Yeah, agreed. It makes no sense. We should all want movies to be good, whoever makes them. None of us should be rooting for a film to be bad so we can use this as some excuse to win a non-existent fight. Besides, let's not even kid. We all loved Spider-Man 2. We all hated X-Men: The Last Stand. We can all appreciate Jason Momoa playing Aquaman, based solely on him being shirtless for the majority of this and any film he's in (this is a joke, btw). My point is, it's not that deep. We love superheroes, so we should want to love them no matter what logo shows up at the start of the movie. We may not end up liking the individual films, but we don't need to hate on the companies or compare who made how much, as if bad movies don't make bank. I disagree. I feel that she's got plenty of talent, but none of the opportunity. Which is why I believe she's taking roles that are written solely based on her looks - the only jobs she can seem to get right now, which is sad. Corden's response was intelligent, funny and classy, while Maher's initial segment was none of these. I enjoy both, but I prefer Craig. Just...loved that guy. She's really good at marketing herself and making advantageous connections with celebrities. When it was tween girls, she was sweet and relatable. When she realized all those girls had grown up, she tried to be bad-ass and promote surface-level feminism just as it was taking off (even when she wasn't necessarily representing the movement of feminism irl). When people were bored with her sweet/relatable persona because they didn't buy it anymore, she actually embraced that whole I'm crazy persona. Now that people have accepted beauty/fashion as an art form and are more welcoming to the LGBT community, she has/is too. Also, because she's made connections with all the right famous people, these connections have helped her shape her intended brand, whatever that happens to be at any moment. She also has a habit of never being friends with anyone that has a strong opinion on anything, which is equally as advantageous to her brand. 1. It is ludicrous from an adult's point of view that an adult would forget this. Actually, 2 adults forgot - including Moira. But it's a very common trope of fantasy stories for children, which makes it perfect for this movie. It's not supposed to make sense from an adult's point of view - this movie wholly embraces the theatricality and vagueness of childhood. For example, Susan Pevensie of the Narnia chronicles forgets all about Narnia - and who would want to forget being a queen of Narnia? 2. The boat's magical. It's something you go into the film knowing as a reader of the original story. Perhaps this is why you don't connect as much with the film? 4. As I stated previously, the film didn't want to connect Hook with magic. But magic made a lot of these things possible. Also, making it an evil fairy would make no sense to this particular retelling. 5. I disagree. Peter becoming a father as his happiest memory was fundamental to the entirety of the story, which is, at its core, about learning to move on from your past self. The memory of fatherhood as happiest is pivotal in demonstrating that not everything in the past is better than what's waiting in the future. 6. But you're the one who originally asked how the story came to be in the real world - if the answer hadn't been in the film, it would've been even more glaring. Also, he didn't need to read it to kickstart his memory. It's one of those, he knew deep down all along, but also he needed to forget in order to move on, both the first time and then at the end of the film. 7. The police have no chance of finding Hook, so that's not an issue. They most likely would assume the kidnapper is a super-fan and Hook isn't a real name; the kids came back the next day anyway. It wasn't a convenient disappearance - there's nothing they could have done by staying and forensic science wasn't where it's at now at the time of filming. Also, she needed to do it if she was going to keep Moira in the dark, which she did. I liked Fast Color, but I feel like it ended just as things really got interesting and, again, it is a slow burn. Dumplin started out good and then quickly got muddled story-wise. But I would still check out Anne Fletcher's other films, no problem. View all replies >