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Guess I'm the only person that likes this show The Amazing Spider-Klutz: A character with no identity Am I the only one who loves food movies? Kinda loved it. Revived fame of Friends is weird, when this show exists Will Justice Strauss be back? After 15 Years... Kill off Rollins character and I'll watch again Good actor, bad comedienne? View all posts >


Gadot wins for me. Yeah, The Fall is a greatly under-promoted film. Love it. 2 days, bordering on 3. It was pretty bad. I got the bright flashes and bug paranoia as well. It's a very strange and unwanted experience, but it wasn't exactly a choice. No, we don't. We don't need to demonize people, but certainly we don't need to value them either. Sometimes our enemies are stupid, ugly hateful so-and-sos, hence why they've become our enemies. Some people are the scum of the earth and thus should feel that they are. Egalitarianism isn't blind love or faith. Sometimes seeing someone for who they are, acknowledging their faults and treating them accordingly leads them to a better way. Or at least leads them away from doing damage to those that see them. Not exactly sure how this card works. But the thing is, the only possessions I'm really interested in are house and car. Otherwise, everything else would be temporary use items. A lot of tickets to different countries, to concerts, to shows. I'd probably take up private health care for a little bit and get surgery and improve my health in general. I'd be generous and take people with me on my travels, out to dinner, etc. Can I do all that? For a year? I feel like this happens with movies I don't particularly adore, but I just find addictive. For example, Terminator 2: Judgment Day or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I've probably seen these a bunch of times, but I just get sucked in. Sometimes an old Adam Sandler movie, like Happy Gilmore, will do it. Certain franchise films, like The Godfather, Star Wars and a lot of Avengers related films. I especially don't get Captain America: The First Avenger - that one in particular I loathe. And ones that include big CGI productions really bother me, like the Transformers films, Avatar, even Alita I didn't particularly like. Catch Me If You Can Titanic The Man in the Iron Mask Damn, I think I like historical period films. I'm actually excited for this, as opposed to not really even sure I'm going to see DP. I'm not going to count my chickens or anything. But I hope it comes out soon. View all replies >