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I think more than all of that, you're gonna be left shaking your head at the folly. Centuries of silliness that we can all hopefully learn from. I used to be a loner as a kid, but I've changed so much as an adult - as expected I suppose. And yes, I definitely draw strength from good people and feel burdened by not so good people. Yeah. I'm not a 100%, but I'm pretty sure what's inside ferrero rocher chocolates is nutella and those are fantastic. I'd say friendship is happening. But specifically, I think they're agreeing that, while golf pays the bills, it's still is boring as hell. The redundant stories and bad writing are kind of to be expected. But the no chemistry is where they really fail for me. I chalk it up to choosing bankable actors over the two people who are right for the story and who work well together. For example, in Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding might make sense to studio execs. But I can't think of one viewer who would say they ever pictured these two as a believable couple. I still think it's weird seeing them in the trailer. I'm actually in the process of re-reading it. It's a hot mess. Not the book itself, but the people in the book. I say this all as a Christian. Even God pretty much said "What have I done?" after making people in chapter one. Mine is similar to that. I think my weakness is people. I only really feel happiness when I'm surrounded by good people. People seem to imbue me with happiness and calm. When I experience a lack of support or general loss of connection or strong friendships, I really lose my strength and my confidence in myself. I don't know why. I agree, and I think Smallville really helped other shows work out this particular kink, among others. This kind of happens anytime strippers/prostitutes as the focus come to mainstream cinema. For example, Pretty Woman was supposed to be about the dark side of prostitution and drug abuse. Instead, it was turned into a romantic drama that, far from decrying the ugly side of chasing dollars, pushed capitalism - much like this film is doing. Why doesn't anyone in cinema want to show a more balanced portrayal of capitalism, or at least realistically show some of the consequences of using your body as trade? It's definitely something to ponder. I agree. At one point, I was asking myself if I was following properly. I definitely knew I hadn't missed anything, but I felt I had. I agree, Drescher does a fine job. View all replies >