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Good, but slow This movie really tried, but it failed The problem I have with this movie Phoenix only comes to help someone in the Dumbledore family Season 5 - The Final Season This show doesn’t hold up in any way Can you recast this show? Do the Duffer Brothers not like pets? View all posts >


I still stand by the fact it's not a good film. But I did enjoy it and I don't think it deserved the hate it got when it was first released. Wow, there's more of us than I thought. I wouldn't say I love it, but I definitely enjoy it. But I think we're in the minority. Robin Wright Winona Ryder Psycho Beach Party - this bizarre, beach-set murder mystery/comedy is pure unadulterated trash and knows it, but it also stars Lauren Ambrose and that alone makes it watchable for me. Sucker Punch - I don't hate this film as much as everyone else, but I know it's not good. However, I've been a long-time fan of Emily Browning, so there's that. That's the thing. I don't know. I don't know who counts as an SJW. Whenever someone uses the abbreviation, I'm scratching my head wondering who specifically it applies to - it seems to change its definition and membership requirements. I'm not giving marketing a pass at all, but I think the human condition (i.e people being creatures of habit and chasing trends) has a fair bit to do with this. So I wouldn't say it boggles the mind so much as it puzzles, it vexes sometimes, but it's also understandable. That's not an equal comparison. Plus, in the scenario you described, it was literally my choice. I've not read the books and only seen some game play when the first one was released, but I was also entertained. Maybe because of this, I didn't have the problems others had - for one, I didn't think the time-jumps were hard to figure out. While I wouldn't call this a perfect show, I would call it an enjoyable one. It's fantasy mixed with a little camp (think Lord of the Rings meets Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), which is right up my alley. 7/10. View all replies >