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Do the Duffer Brothers not like pets? So Brightburn = evil Superman - which heroes/"good" movie characters should we redo as evil? I Like Her The only plus-size woman doing romantic roles? This looks good Does no one know about this yet? Stu or Randall Flagg in The Stand TV series? Cast the actors for the series Dean is the worst No page for Jameela Jamil? View all posts >


The Sixth Sense Fifth Element Unbreakable Special mention: Death Becomes Her. Rusty shovels, though. Wistful is good, but a little vague. It is poignant to lose such a cool word. I think the use of the word 'literally', even when used correctly, is overdone. If something is literal, you don't need to state that it is. I whole-heartedly agree with the OP, but I don't think that's the main problem with new Spider-Man - at least it's not for me. I feel like the whole idea of Ben just being a good man is what drives Peter Parker to become Spider-Man. I just don't think that there's any Peter Parker in the films, so we don't see him in the process of becoming Spider-Man in any way. He's good at being Spider-Man, but he's barely Peter Parker, so there's no real transition from one persona to another and no motivation to do so. I have many favourites. The one about the moon not being a real celestial body, but some kind of fake human construct. Roswell and other alien ones. The supposed secret society living under the desert. Symbolism and brainwashing in the entertainment industry, MK Ultra, etc. Strange and unexplained disappearances of specific people, like Elisa Lam. That's all a matter a taste. Generally, I don't care for war films. Musicals, on the other hand, I enjoy. They're fun, even when they're not that deep. I also love that the genre affords this really great creative license that no other genre tries to tap into too deeply. Plus, I think more would be made if movie studios weren't so rigid and cautious. For example, The Greatest Showman only happened because Hugh Jackman himself pushed for it. And because it didn't instantly win all the awards, it's considered a failure by studios. But so were Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and The Sound of Music, among others, after their initial release. Yet I bet more people have seen these so-called flops than a lot of the supposed best films ever made. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm pretty into MKUltra conspiracy theories as it is lol. Especially MKUltra programming and symbolism as it pertains to the entertainment industry. I'm not saying El is invincible, but when she was knocked out at the end of season 1 and was in the Upside Down, nothing happened to her for who knows how long. So again, I would say her being drained of her power doesn't seem to be a key factor in the Upside Down creatures' fear of her. The sleep conundrum. You know, that thing where you lie down to sleep, but it's too hot to sleep with a blanket. But you feel shit without one, so you use the lightest one you have, toss it to the side, retrieve it, toss it, etc. And you toss and turn and can't get comfortable, and you eventually end up passing out in a sweaty, exhausted daze and wake up more tired than when you laid down. I viewed a few episodes here and there when she first hit TV, but I never liked her, so I never invested in further viewing. View all replies >