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Her brother was a hack. Guess the Tomatometer. Is it just me, or did the climax of this movie rip off Blade Runner? Is every parent in the film a loathsome pig? The Nickelback of actresses. Why all the hatred? Movies to watch alongside The Last Boy Scout View all posts >


I've never seen this movie, but I know that Leonard Maltin gave it a BOMB rating in his Movie Guide. I wouldn't be surprised if Stallone isn't too proud of it, but at the end of the day, an actor/actress has to start somewhere. Even Jeremy Renner began with National Lampoon's Senior Trip. I've seen The Long Kiss Goodnight and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I really enjoyed them. I have yet to pop in The Nice Guys, though. Hans is an equal opportunity bad guy. Well, it's terrifying on a psychological level, rather than emphasizing the usual blood and guts. It's also unrelentingly suspenseful. Game over, man! Game over! So sad to hear. He always brought a smile to my face whenever I turned TCM on. View all replies >