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There's a trailer for season 5 I expected the worst This kind of hero archetype... The code That's all they've changed? If I had to guess... Hope there will be a lot of diversity in this one... OK, I'm conivinsed... Possible plot It's a decent adaptation... View all posts >


One thing I know for sure. They will start looking for a weapon to be able to take on the supes. Marketing. So that the company products could appeal to people who want to care for the environment. Marketing. She is just a regular girl who happened to have superpowers. She's not supposed to be anything but a fairly decent person. True. I'm not entirely convinced this is the correct approach. After all, it's a bit of a standard nowadays to try to add depth and realism to superhero movies\TV shows. I would have happily settled for over-the-top fun with sex, drugs and violence. Yes. In the comics the only thing Homelander struggles with is his unwillingness to be a pawn of lesser beings. That and his possible madness. In the series they decided that he wants to be a real boy with a real family. Let's see where it goes. It's not really religion-bashing. The company uses the Supes' department to cover all trends and demographics in America. For example in the comic books there's a... I guess, a franchise called "G-Men" - several teams of superheroes selling kind of edgy rebel stuff. So I can assure you that while Homelander and the gang where talking about Jesus, somewhere out there other supes where gangbanging Antifa chicks and blowing coke off the violated butt-holes of BLM homeboys. This whole thing was quite different and a lot darker in the comics. She never said anything about the rape and the first time Butcher got the whiff of it was when the superbaby burst from her tummy and started burning shit with his eyes. Took an effort to put him down. She was dead, obviously. They clearly decided to go into a different direction in the series and make the supes somewhat fragile under the surface. In the comics the reader has zero sympathy for 95-97% percent of the superhero characters. There are very few official villains in the comic because life is too good for supes as it is and one has to be really stupid to go against the grain. Oh sure. Too blue-eyed and blond. Not the kind you'd trust near the Polish border on September 1st 1939. It's not entirely accurate. There is actually a version of the Batman in the Boys universe - TechKnight. The Boys left him alone because he's not a real supe and was actually kind of decent until he developed a rather extreme sexual disorder. I'll let you find out for yourself. Black Noir represents more of a tendency than a person. Not sure about Translucent but Starlight is not supposed to represent any particular superhero. View all replies >