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Out of all spawn of Lost... Imagine that 16 years old Tim Burton made "John Wick"... I watched the ending and right after that... Wasn't Jigsaw's vet-gang outfit... (SPOILERS) I'm starting to think season 1 was a fluke After 2 episodes... Really? We have some casting That rare case... A bit of a mess genre-wise... View all posts >


And how the hell did the soldiers of the 3rd Crusade get to Arabia anyhow? What, liberating Jerusalem wasn't sexy enough for the writers? People who make the series seem to hate everything relating to the Punisher: military, vets, private citizens defending themselves - everything. I didn't get her motivation at all. Pretty much the only good thing in the season. Like episode 10 in season 1. Indeed Same grades. Season 3 is good TV so far, no doubt about it. I think we all just hope to see more of that season one weird energy. I'd say it's a cliche young adult fantasy story. Zero originality. Not evil. An enemy - that's all. Well, once they started closing the Marvel lineup it was only a matter of time. And frankly season 3 wasn't that great. View all replies >