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I think it's unfair... Secret War The kree Out of all spawn of Lost... Imagine that 16 years old Tim Burton made "John Wick"... I watched the ending and right after that... Wasn't Jigsaw's vet-gang outfit... (SPOILERS) I'm starting to think season 1 was a fluke After 2 episodes... Really? View all posts >


"we all know the Targaryen’s are among the most hated & despised of all the major houses" We don't know that. The Mad King was hated, but if it wasn't for him, they'd still be on the Iron Throne. And I think a lot of people would prefer the stability of a centralized monarch to all those civil wars we've been seeing. Amen I'm pretty sure BP was written by "white" people - folks who don't have a clue about African cultures and history. Easy to fix: we need more African Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors to write Sci-Fi and Fantasy about Africans. Of course this will become known at some point in the season if only for the sake of creating drama and discord. Pretty much. That universe has some sort of tides of magic which affect the very laws of nature. It is implied in the books (and I think mentioned in the show) that dragons may serve as catalysts for magic "high tides". Probably affect the seasons as well. The season was all over the place. 1. The girl's body died after the attack and her brain was inserted into the biomech (or whatever that's called). She needed a remotely operated human body so she could continue to participate in the fights. 2. I think this's kind of a space spider who sucks souls out of spacemen. Under certain conditions a ship in hyperspace gets tangled into its net and gets pulled to the "station". So it's a race. Because it was really unclear in GotG. I was sure it was a religion. She is a Muslim and a Leftist. I'd be very surprised if she wasn't. View all replies >