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Lesbian superhero, lesbian superhero... Re-watching season 1 There's a trailer for season 5 I expected the worst This kind of hero archetype... The code That's all they've changed? If I had to guess... Hope there will be a lot of diversity in this one... OK, I'm conivinsed... View all posts >


The change did throw me off and I thought a lot about it. I have come to a conclusion that he was high... On killings, on finally being recognized. Feeling in control. Even the way he moved was different: tight and energetic but somehow lethargic at the same time. In other words, nothing to do with sexuality. It was "cents" not "sense". He was trying to make a joke. Nah, something with a more diverse cast will get that Oscar Only on the critics' side. The audience seem to be shocked by how bad it is. Fingers crossed it will be a good adaptation of a great book series. This is not a Sci-Fi story. Having said that, not all local FATAH "overlords" are the same and there are areas where IDF work quite closely with the Palestinian police. Ten years ago or so I did reservist service near Jericho. It's mostly populated by old Arab clans and they are a lot more tolerant to Jews, so our unit maintained pretty good relationship with the local police. Not really. It's basically an alternative British Empire at the time when newly conquered people started tickling in to the Isles. A lot of them are scum: criminals, drug lords masquerading as revolutionaries, religious fanatics and so on and so forth. There's prejudice on both sides. And it's quite clear that should the situation be reversed the fairy-folk and other species would have been just as brutal and racist. Don't. It's not really about "immigration". At least not about immigration as a part of modern politics. She is terrible. One thing I know for sure. They will start looking for a weapon to be able to take on the supes. View all replies >