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That's a nice piece of trolling. That's true. A Muslim Leftist? Duh... I think if there is one thing the last 50-60 years have taught us - it's that freedom is not a luxury. For most people it's a burden. Oh gods... The scholars , as they say, are divided. However if you are in need of a material proof look at the Hashmonean coins (predating Jesus by a few generations) some of which had both : king of Judea and (a member) council of the Jews. "Over time, they managed to send the Romans packing. " They did? When? I know it's comforting for those who aim to edit Jews out of history to pretend that Jew and Judea come from the same word but that's not the case as is evident from Eastern languages and history. Judea is Yudah and named after one of the tribes of Israel. It's a place, and occasionally a country. It was populated by Jews - Yehudi in Hebrew, Yahud in Arabic. The similarities are purely phonetic. When the region was part of the Persian Empire it was call Yahud Medinata - land of the Jews. When Judea regained independence and was ruled by the Hashmonean basileis it was very much a Jewish kingdom despite its elite's Hellenization and promoted Jewish (religious) nationalism. Same reason so many people believe in Socialism or racial superiority. It's scary to accept how insignificant we are in the Universe. It takes real strength of character to accept that there is just one life and it's your responsibility to live it well. Most humans need to be a part of "something greater". You might wanna check the original Greek name of the book or it's Latin translation. View all replies >