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Indeed. Which is pretty surprising considering they could have just copy-pasted dialogues from the books. There are occasionally great adaptations. The Expanse, for example, is well on the way to surpass the books. It is. Judging by the set images, it surely will suck And the result made everyone angry. I only liked the Mackenzie Davis in this movie. The Colombian girl is an absolutely useless actress. The guy who played new the T was OK but his character was not menacing at all. And the oldsters made me feel sad. In the books this is kind of a side-effect of heavy magic usage which affects most sorcerers. There are exceptions - Geralt's mother, for example. It's also an important factor for Yennifer but she is not a snowflake in the books and she is not blaming someone else for her own choices. She is, however, looking for a solution and the golden dragon was supposed to provide funds for a very expensive treatment. In the end she finds a substitute... Forget ethnic diversity... Why are Elves - regular humans with pointy ears? Why does the head dryad look like she's never been in a forest and walks like it's the first time she's off high heels? Why are Dwarves played by little people? They are supposed to be an economic juggernaut in this world and have the monopoly on steel. Instead they look like a circus troupe. "I don't know where those numbers came from, but geneticists and evolutionary biologists have debunked white supremacist theories of racial genetic superiority" I don't think this has anything to do with genes. It's cultural. Also IQ tests are not applicable to every culture on Earth. We are all too different. "People have always traveled over most of the Earth." Not always. For the 95% of human history they hadn't. Well, a tiny minority did or at least tried. Most people saw nothing of the world beyond the fields of their village or the walls of their city. There is a reason Zerrikan she-warriors made such an impression in the books - cause no one ever seen anyone like them. View all replies >