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She was insufferable! The "my birth mom didn't write back/ mom left dad for a woman" was not nearly enough to send any sane 17 year old running into the arms of a man that creepy and vile. haha I think the show has started to take larger liberties with "the viewers will just fill in the blanks" I am curious if the situation with the wheat is actually as it looked. I think it was mid 80's when the study of GMO's really took off, so that farm could have been a research facility for the US trying to create drought and pest resistant strains. I do know that historically the grain exports from the states where awful but not bioengineered awful, just cheap/ lazy awful. Either way that farm scene was just so good, the noises, the lighting, the camera angles, Elizabeth's face as she reacted to the bugs! Same here! I would so enjoy seeing what other people thought and reading their discussions, even though I only posted a handful of times myself. Ditto Amelia being OTT as of late, I was actually starting to wonder if the actress had a baby or something and this whole storyline was to give her some time off, it just seems excessive. View all replies >