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02-20-2021. Continued. If Savannah is alive and stuck in 1960, she should be 42 if still alive in 1990 and 72 if still alive in 2020. If Savannah hated living in the primitive and backwards era of 1960, and died in the meantime, her frustrated ghost might decide to haunt the Tremont Hotel. I wonder why the search parties looking for Savannah in 1990 and Harper and Griffin in 2020 didn find the manhole cover for the time portal. If a kid could lift the cover, adult searchers could have, and so they might search the tunnel and unerground space. So people from 2020 might wind up in 2050, and people from 1990 might wind up in 2020. 02-20-2021 The last episode I have seen so far is "If I could Travel Back in Time", 02-19-2021. As of the ending of that episode, Savannah is in the year 1960, living or dead, and Griffin and Harper were in the tunnel, maybe in 1960 or in 1990. If you ever watch the old movie "Pillars of the Sky" (1956), which is loosely based on history, Kamiakin had a different fate in real life. He was watching the progress of his last battle from under a tree when a cannonball knocked a big branch off that landed on Kamiatkin, he was knocked unconscious and his wife and other warriors took him away to saftey, and he had to go in hiding for over a decade to avoid being hanged. At the Battle of Chancellorsville General Joseph Hooker was on the porch of his headquarters when a cannonball knocked a piller onto Hooker's head, knocking him out for a while. I once read an article about a girl who was killed when she struck her head on a tree branch while horse ride. And a few years ago there was a dead deer under some trees on our property, and it was believed that it was struck by a falling branch. So Savannah could have been killed if struck by a branch of of the falling tree which blocked the manhole cover. Or she could have been knocked unconscious while outside during a dangerous storm, and might die in the storm. So Savannah could still die and become the ghost allegedly haunting the Tremont Hotel. Or possibly the ghost Jess mentioned when daring Savannah to stay in the cellar is real. Zooey and Wyatt saw a tape recorder playing savannah singing even though the tape recorder was unplugged. Sarah saw a mirror fros tover and "Stay" appear on it. Thus it appears that there is some real paranormal activity at the Tremont Hotel. If there is a real ghost, and it isn't Savannah, it could be whoever invented or at least installed the time portal. continued. 02-20-2021 Much of my plot guess has been disproved by later episodes. The last episode I have seen so far is "If I could Travel Back in Time", 02-19-2021. As of the ending of that episode, Savannah is in the year 1960, living or dead, and Griffin and Harper in the tunnel, maybe in 1960 or in 1990. In the second episode Jai realized that he made an error about the timing, though I am not sure what it was. Jai said that it remains light for a little while after sunset. That is ovvious. It is called twilight, when the sky is still lit by light from the Sun below the horizon. But my memory is that Sardo said that kids in the wooods after dark were cursed, not kids in the woods after sundown. So maybe Sardo doesn't know the curse limit is sunset instead of darkness, or maybe he lied to the kids for some reason. Or maybe I remembered what Sardo said incorrectly. I note that Jain was looking at a map of time zones when he made his discovery. I note that the average time zone is 15 degrees of longitude wide or hundreds of kilometers or miles, though of course the borders of official time zones aren't straight north and south but zig zag a bit to follow state borders and stuff. Every place within a time zone has the same offiical time, but the time relative to the sun varies by four minutes for every degree of longitude. if Shadowville is at the eastern edge of the time zone physical sunset could be half an hour before the official time of physical sunset in the center of the time zone - maybe more if the eastern border of the time zone zig zags east to include Shadowville. And perhaps Jai looked up the time of sunset that day in a big city which was farther west in the same timezone, falsely assuming that the physical sunset would be the same in every part of the time zone. There is an old saying: "Love is Blnd". If Padme already loves Anakin when he confesses, she may overlook that crime. And there is another old saying: "None is as blind as thouse who will not see". If Padme is really in love with Anakin she may refuse to believe that he actually slaughtered women and children. She may imagine that he only dreamed that he did. Or that he wanted to kill the sandwomen and sandchildren and so his guilty conscience made him imagine that hte actually did so. Or maybe Padme doesn't consider sandpeople to be people and thus thinks that slaughtering them is no big deal. I haven't the faintest idea what impression Padme from Naboo would have of the Tuskan Sandpeople of tatoooine. Do Tuskans live on other planet? Are Tuskans consdiered to be the scum of the galaxy? I note that the Naboo seem to look down on the Gungans on their own planet, and the xenophobic Palpatine came from Naboo, so possibly Padme comes from the same background and shares that attitude toward nonhumans. And of course a women in an abusive relationship with a man will often "hide her head in the sand" and believe that he is not as cruel to her as he actually is. And as far as I know Anakin wasn't abusive to Padme but good to her, at least until their last meeting, so it would be much easier for Padme to ignore Anakin's cruelty when it was not directed at her. Sturgis is rather old and could have died before TBBT started. And Paige's future seems quite uncertain. With her intellect she could have a successful career. But she seems to be getting more and more self desctuctive in each episode. She still has plenlty of chances to get her act together, but her general trend so far is downward. And at the end of season three Peyton List, Karan Brar, and Skai Jackson were also deBunk'd. And at the end of of the fourth season Scarlet Estevez was also deBunk'd. The only performers who were in the show for the last three seasons are Will Buie, Mallory James Mahoney, and Raphael Alejandro. And the only performer in all five seasons of <i>Bunk'd</i> is Miranda May. I wonder if the plan is to replace all the young characters as they grow older, and keep the show going for a long time. 01-30-2021 Ray is becoming more and more like a supervillain. In the Danger Force episode "Chapa's Crush" 1 Augutst 2020, Ray found Chapa's changed behavior annoying and wanted to "end" her. That seems rather evil. So if Danger Force was a drama series instead of a comedy series I would expect that Ray would eventually become a supervillain, forcing the Danger Force to defeat their friend to stop his evil plot. When I was child I almost always had a room of my own. However, when we went to the shore for summer vacation, in the years when I was about eight to sixteen, I did sometimes sleep in a bedroom with two beds, and thus possibly shared a bedroom with a brother or sister. And one of the beds in that bed room was a large bed with room for two or three kids at the same time. I know that sometimes and somehow I shared that bed with at at least one sibling, but I don't remember if it or they were brothers or sisters. Maybe I should ask them if they remember. Anyway, when I was nine and ten my older sister and I visited our grandparents, and as I remember we sharerd the guest bedroom when we staryed there. duplicate post. View all replies >