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Today, sept. 18, 2021 I did some more checking. According to IMDB, <i>The sons of Katie Elder</I> was released on 24 June, 1965. <url> </url> And it was filmed from 5 January to March, 1965. <url> </url> Tom Eldar, the elder Elder, was portrayed by jhn Wayne who was born May 6, 1907 and so was still 57 when filming. <url> </url> Tom Elder was portrayed by Dean Martin who was born June 7, 1917 and was still 47 when filming. <url> </url> Matt Elder was portrayed by Earl Holliman who was born September 11, 1928 and was 36 when filming. <url> </url> Bud Elder, the junior Elder, was portrayed by Michael Anderson Jr. who was born August 6, 1943 and was 21 during filming. <url> </url> So if Katie Elder was at least 15 when John Elder ws born, she would have been at least 51 when Bud Elder was born 36 years later. Which is perfectly possible but rather rare. If movie characters are always the same ages as the actors who portray them. But it is common for movie and tv actors to older than their characters. So it is perfectly possible that John Elder is much less elder than Budd Elder than John Wayne was older than Michael Anderson Jr. This other thread about the ages of the Elders has many comments. <url> </url. Some discussed whether Bud said in one scene that he was "almost 18" or "over 18". Another pointed out that the tombstone of Bass Elder in the funeral scene said that he lived from 1834-1898, and his death was said to be six months earlier. So the movie happens in 1898 or early 1899, only 63 to 65 years after Bass Elder was born, and Bud should have been born about 1879-1882. And it seems to me that statements in the script are more important and more intended by the creators than the dates on props, and the dates on props are more important and more intended by the creators than the ages of the movie stars, who are usually hired to portray characters because of their box office draw, not because of being age or otherwise appropriate. On sept. 2 2021, I saw The last Adventure again. Lena levitated May and June as well as Violet and her self. And I stilldidn'tseewhathappeend to della Duck. Maybe she was still at the controls of the plane and wasn't sucked out of the rear of the plane. Thank you. Theory One: Have you see any horror movies or read any horror stories? Possibly, Ruth-Ann and Stepen-Floyd have been "taken" for some purpose by some one or someTHING, and all memory of them has been erased. That is not the first time that such a horror movie plot has struck a drama or a sitcom, and it won't be the last. This is an example of Chuck Chunningham Syndrome. <url>,scenes%20drive%20the%20decision%20to%20remove%20a%20character.</url> I note that there is a theory about "the Tommy Westphail Universe" containing hundreds of TV shows connected more or less weakly or strongly to each other and to <i>St. Elsewhere</i>. So possibly someday a science fiction, fantasy, or horror tv series will have an episode or a major story arc explaining the Chuck Cunningham Syndome, with a character remembering someone they forgot about for years, and investigating their disappearnce and forgetting, and find out that somebody or someTHING is behind it. And if that show is connected to other shows and shares a universe with them, fans of the connected shows will suppose that also explans any example of the Chuck Cunningham Syndrome in those connected shows. As far as I know, the only connections suggested for <i>The Torkelsons</I> is with the revamped version <i>Almost Home</I>. But possibly someday <i>The Torkelsons</I> will share a common universe with a show which does explain the Chuck Cunningham Syndrome with some sort of horror story plot - with a happy ending, I hope. Theory Two: Maybe the second season - or the revamped series <i>Almost Home</i>, happens in an alternate universe to <i>The Torkelsons</I>, an alternate universe with only three, not five, Torkelson children. In that universe there is no mention of Ruth-Ann and Stephen-Floyd because they died many years before, or probably were never born. Her kind, obviously. And I have often tried to figure out how to fit the floorplan of the sets into the actual building and the matt paintng used to show the exterior of the Addams house. <url></url> <url></url> I think that it is probably impossible to fit the interior within the exterior, whcih is one of the reasons why attempted floor plans of the Addams house might be inaccurate. As with many movie and television buildings, it might be impossible to fit the interior within the exterior. Which is a pity because a replica of the addams house might be a cool place to live. I see that some of the chlld and teenage actors are stil alive, which isn't too unlikely. IMDB lists what seems like hundreds of uncredited actors in the "Full Cast & Crew" secton of the page on How the Wast Was Won. I assume that the IMDB has some accurate method of identifying those uncredited actors. <url> </url> Byran Russell (1952-2016) 63 years old, as Zeke Prescott. <url> </url> Herbert Maneval born 1946, as Schoolboy. <url> </url> Stanely Livingston b. 1950, as Prescott Rawlings <url> </url> Claude Johnson (1938-2009) age 71 as Jemimah Rawlings <url> </url> Kim Charney b. 1945 as Sam Prescott <url> </url> And posibly some others since I didn't check all the actors. In my second and third posts at: <url></url> I develop a therory which might explain a lot of inconsistences. In my second and third posts at: <url></url> I develop a therory which might explain a lot of inconsistences. As I remember, there was an episode where Vickey was in danger, someone's prisoner I think, and Josette's ghost ordered David to help her. View all replies >