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In the <i>Goldbergs</i> episode "Body Swap" 26 February 2020 one story had William Penn Academy announce a rule change. Seniors were permitted to leave the campus for lunch, and it was being extended to juniors like Adam and his friends. But the juniors had to be enrolled for that privilege, and they had to have their parents sign their permission papers. Adam's mother Beverly Goldberg refused to give him permission, saying she didn't want him wandering the "dangerous streets of Jenkintown". My family moved to Jenkintown when I was only eleven, and they never had any problems letting me walk the "dangerous streets of Jenkintown" by, for example, going to the public library almost every day after school. In my six years in high school I walked home for lunch every day except one, as far as I remember. And possibly I was breaking the rules - if so, nobody noticed in six years of high school. Anyway, it was a different decade and a different school system. So it looks like the 2019-2020 seasons of <i>The Goldbergs</i> and <i>Schooled</i> both have the William Penn Academy located in Jenkintown. But possibly other seasons have put or will put the William Penn Academy in some other community. If you mean in "Journey to Babel", the Andorian Thelev was actually an Orion, surgically altered to pass as an Andorian. His mission was commit murders and spread fear and mistrust among passengers and crew. That is why he carried a knife, to try to assassinate captain Kirk. So I don't think there is much evidence in the episode about how often real Andorians carry knives. That's a great idea. That has probably been used in some movies and tv shows. It might even be a standard technique. If backwards filming of scenes for safety is now a common practice I wonder how long it took before someone thought of doing it that way. I find it easy to believe that lots of actors, extras, and stunt persons were injured and even killed before various safer ways to film their scenes were developed. You may have heard of melodramas where the villain ties someone to railroad tracks. I once read of filming such a scene for a movie in England about a century ago where somebody goofed and the actor playing the victim was actually run over by the train and died. Here is a list of movie and tv accidents. <url></url> In a fourth season episode of <i>Bunk'd</i> called "Three Stars and a Baby", June 28, 2020, Gwen wrote that: "Ava helped me even more than the wolf pack that helped me survive the winter of 2017". I note that the gray wolf or <i>Canis lupis</i> lives in the wild only in the Northern Hemisphere, so Gwen, who never mentioned traveling outside North America, probably meant she was helped by a pack of gray wolves in the Northern Hemisphere winter of 2017. The weather or meteorological winter begins earlier and ends later the farther north in the Northern Hemisphere a place is, but the astronomical season of winter begins with the winter solstice, usually on December 21 or 22 of one year, and ends on vernal equinox, usually on March 19, 20, or 21 of the next year. So did Gwen mean the winter that went from about December 2017 to March or later in 2018, or the winter that began in about December 2016 and ended in March or later in 2017, when she said "The winter of 2017? According to my calculations in my previous post, the fourth season of <i>Bunk'd</i> should have a fictional date in the summer of 2017, so the only possible winter that Gwen could have meant by the winter of 2017 would have to be the winter that began about December of 2016 and ended in March or later of 2017. Of course it would typical to speak of the latest passed winter as "last winter" instead of the winter of a specific year, but Gwen sometimes speaks in an unusual manner - she apparently lived with wolves earlier that year after all. And possibly the writer forgot that the fictional date of the fourth season of <i>Bunk'd</i> should in the summer of 2017 instead of 2018 or some later year. So if a fifth season is ever made, and the writers do want to set it in 2018 before the Covid 19 pandemic, I have not yet seen any episode evidence that would contradict them. In "The Story So-fa", April 19, 2020, The apartment where Tess O'Malley lives, right across the hall from apartment 3-C, is seen, and it has a living room window seen in the symmetrical position to Raven's apartment 3-C. It is much closer to the door to the apartment than the windows at the far end of the hallway beyond the staircase. Thus the staircase hallway must stick out about a dozen feet from the wall of the building where the living room windows in both apartments are. And no view of the exterior of the building shows such a protruding section on the third or any floor. In the <i>Schooled</i> episode "Garden Party" on 25 March 2020, Principal Glascott has to give up his parking space and in one scene he says he is tired because he had to walk to the William Penn Academy from where he parked, at the Willow Grove Mall 2 miles away. The Willow Grove Mall is north of Jenkintown. Two miles north of the Willow Grove Mall would be near Horsham and Hatboro, two miles west would be near Jarret, Dresher, and Ardsley, two miles east would be near Bethayres, Bryn Athen, and Huntington Valley, and two miles south would be near Glenside, Rydal, and Jenkintown. The Willow Grove Mall is about 11.1 miles from the William Penn Charter School, while only approximately 4.1 miles by road from Abington Friends High School, so it seems likely that the fictional William Penn academy should be in Jenkintown, or north of it in Abington closer to the Willow Grove Mall. Of course other episodes of <i> The Goldbergs</i> or of <i>Schooled</i> may indicate that William Penn Academy is in Jenkintown, Philadelphia, or some other community. On March 6, 2020 the Disney channel might have finally aired an episode in a children's series as dark and sinister as "The Good, the Bad, and the Alex". In the <i>Gabby Duran and the Unsittables,/i> episode"Tayloring Swift", March 6 2020, Principal Swift is captured by aliens who plan to skin him while he is in his natural Gor-Monite form, since Gor-Monite skin is valuable. So the villains in that episode plan to skin an intelligent being, a person, for profit. That seems like a very dark plot element for a comedy series for children, and possibly matches "The Good, the bad, and the Alex" on May 7, 2010, 9 years, 9 months, and 28 days earlier. Genetically most Iraqis are mostly descended from the people who lived within the borders of modern Iraq before the first Arabs ever invaded and/or colonized Iraq. Most Iraqis should have only a tiny minority of ancestors who were invading Arabs about 1,350 years ago. Since converting to Islam usually involved adopting Arab culture, and since most Iraqis are Muslims, most Iraqis are culturally Arabs. There is a Tolkien letter in which Tolkien says that Bilbo is out of scale compared to Smaug, way too large. Try comparing Smaug to dwarf skulls and leg bones in the picture. Or measure the width across Smaug's nostrils and his total length. I measured Smaug's length as at least 40 times the width of his nostrils. There is a scene in the book where Smaug is unable to still his snout into a doorway that should be five feet tall, implying that Smaug is wider than five feet across the nostrils. Thus Smaug should be over 200 feet long. I calculated Smaug's length as a least 200 feet. Conversation with Smaug indicates that Smaug is about 40 l times a long as the width across his two nostrils. There is a scene winch Smaug is too big in insert his head into a doorway which should be five feet tall. Thus I calculated that Smaug is at least 200 feet long. View all replies >