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Actually if you read the Lord of the Rings and the appendixes you would know that Smaug doesn't spreak perfect English, he speak's perfect Westron, the common speeech of the west lands of Middle-earth during the Third Age. And why shouldn't a dragon be able to speak perfect Westron, just like Hobbits, and Humans, and Elves, and Dwarves, and Ents do? Do you think that dragon's are not intelligent beings and thus people, merely because they have four legs, two wings, and tails? There is some speculation that dragons were mutated by Morgoth out of preexisisting creatures, and that Morgoth put evil spirits in their bodies. Those evil spirits would be Ainur, supernatural beings of spirit who existed before the world was made. In Christian theology angels are beings of spirit who can make physicial bodies out of matter if they wish. All angels, even the fallen one so rdevils, are much higher beings than mere humans. And they are higher than humans despite the fact that some angals and devils have been depicted with bodies much less human looking like than Smaug was. And since the Ainur were based on angels in Christian theology, a physical body controlled by an Aniur, which dragons are speculated to be, would be at least as much an intelligent being and a person as any human. So don't be surprise that Smaug learned to speak perfect Westron, any more than you would be surprised by aHObbit, or HUman, or Elf, or dwarf, or Ent speaking perfect Westron. In the <i>Jessie</i> episode "PUnch Drunk Love" Emma is said to be 14. Since Emma was reportedly born April 19, 1998, that would put "Punch Drunk Love" between April 19, 2012 and April 18, 2013. If the source for her birthday is fictionally correct. And when Jessie complains about teenagers in "Punch Drunk Love" Bertram reminds her she is a teenager. So "Punch Drunk Love" happens before Jessie's 20th birthday. If "Punch Drunk Love" is sometime between April 19, 2012 and April 18, 2013 Jessie's 20th birthday should be during or more probably after that period, making her born in or after the period of April 19, 1992 to April 18, 1993. Here <url> </url> Jessie's birth date, but not year, is given: <blockquote>Jessie is a Libra, so she was born between September 23 and October 22. (Acting With the Frenemy) Her birthday is October 13, which was revealed in The Runaway Bride of Frankenstein.</blockquote> This indicates that Jessie was probably born October 13, 1992, and thus that "Punch Drunk Love" probably happens between April 19 2012 and October 12, 2012, consistent with the date evidence for the second season of <i>Jessie</i>. In "Escape Room" 11-18-22 Hartley apparently kills someone by disintegrating them, and Amy and Colby apparently kill someone by vaporizing them. Here is a link a quesitonnd sw nswer about the different endins in the movie and the comic book based onit. <url></url> Here is a link to aquestion and answer about the different endings of the comic and the film. <url></url> I read the comic book and have dim memories of the final scene. Years later I saw the movie on a black and television, back in the previus millennium. I don't know if I could see anything at all of his final vision on the black & white tv. I considered it to be be a let down from what I remebered from the comic book's ending. I saw the movie again for the second time on Sat. NOv. 12, 2022 on color tv. I could see the final vision much clearer, It was now a scene in different colors instead of shades of gray. But I just saw some rather abstract colors and patterns. They didn't seem very terrifying to me. They looked like they could rather normal deoration that nobody would mind. When Xavier describes in the movie the blackness and beyond it an eye it reminded me of old ideas of cosmology. The ancients belived the sky was an actual physical roof. Thus the Bible describes a solid firmamentabove the Earth, with trap doors in it which God opened to let the waters above pour down for the Deluge. And the ancient greeks and Romans & the medievals, believed the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the planets all floated inside a hollow sphere which had glowing lights, the stars, attached to the inside. And beyond that sphere where the heavens of God, the angels, and the saints. Thus some Ancient, and Medieval, and Baroque, and Rococo domes and vaults were decorated with images of a blue daylight sky with clouds, or a black night sky with stars, and at the top and center an actual hole in the sky dome would be depicted revealing the heavens beyond the sky dome. And Xavier's desriptin sort of reminds me of that decorative scheme. Only perhaps Xavier was seeing not two levels of reality but more. A higher (& farther) reality beyond the physical reality of other space and some other even higher (& farther) reality beyond and a yet higher (& farther) reality beyond that, and so on, up to some ultimate glory or horror. I agree. Ecept that it is set designers and builders, not script writers, who create interior sets that do or do not fit inside the exteriors. The movie <i>Gunfight at the OK Corral</i> (1957) isn't any more historically accurate than "The Gunfighters" or "Specter of the Gun" but is entertaining and has a great opening sequence and song. I note that some online lyrics sites make an error, saying: Oh my dearest one must die Lay down my gun or take the chance of losing you forever When the lines are actually Oh my dearest one must I Lay down my gun or take the chance of losing you forever If you watch a video of the opening sequence and it doesn't have the final stanza about Boot Hill, keep looking until you find one that does. The opening song of <i>Gunfight at the OK Corral</i> (1957) is one of my favorits from the movies, right up there with <i>High Noon</i> and <i>Flash Gordon</I> (1980). But the song in "The Gunfighters" is also quite catchy. Does anyone know the complete lyrics to the song in "The Gunfighters" Other potential candidates: Metropolis (1927). Woman in the Moon(1929) Things to Come (1936) Destination Moon (1950) The Forbidden Planet (1956). 2001: A Space Oddessy (1968). Star Wars (1977) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) Flash Gordon (1980) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) E.T.:The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Dune (1984) And I suppose there are many persons who will think my list is much too short. View all replies >