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Shame Roger Ebert isnt around to see it. Did 'Scarlet Letter' and 'Striptease' end her career? Is his career finished? How much jail time for Jerry Lundegaard and Gaear Grimsrud? Did the FBI agent *want* Hank to think he was lying about the serial numbers? Was Thorton cast because of his role in the Fargo-esque 'A Simple Plan'? Remastered version with the dated visual effects eliminated: yay or nay? Why did the Predator come to earth? Why is it killing people? Gary Oldman already did it better, 30 years earlier, in 'Prick Up Your Ears'. Why did we hate Robert Patrick, other than "He's not Duchovny"? The guy's GREAT. View all posts >


1. The Terminator. End. T2 is a fun, non-canon bonus title that craps all over the in-universe rules established by T1. Everything else is truly egregious. The "mytharc" has been rendered worthless: it's all about the "Monster-of-the-Week" episodes. Several of them stand up really well as short(-ish) films. Glad she saved her money. Pretty sure her public profile declined at some point, though. Pretty sure Furlong's character *was* reading. The narration is the essay he's written for Dr Sweeney. Mainstream film was always a power struggle between the artists and the suits. At some point in the last 20 years the suits pulled ahead and flooded cinemas with sterile vehicles focused only on the bottom line. Netflix at least offers some hope. Indeed. Assault and parole violation, although he remains a fugitive, IIRC. Reaction formation 101. Condemn every silly little thing as "racist" in order to hide your own discomfort with being around people who don't look like you. The rest of us are busy just living our lives. The book was indulgent tosh that crapped all over one of the greatest, most strong-willed heroines of modern literature and film. Starling risked it all to take down Gumb... then ended up in a relationship with another extreme anti-social personality? Nah. Foster and Hopkins hated it, and I'm right there with them. Okie dokie. Again, I'm in good company with the "stupid" Roger Ebert. He didn't get it either. View all replies >