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The vast majority of Republicans support Bernie Sanders' plan to cap credit-card interest rates at 15% Let's cut the crap. Republicans did 9/11. It was an inside job. No arabs were on the flights. Trump could do it again. Bernie Sanders Is the Frontrunner. Obviously. He leads the declared candidates in the polls, and he's dominating in fund Why Must American fiction and Hollywood Always Descend Into Violence and War? Sanders Crushing Trump in Polls 53 Percent to 38 Percent, Seen as Strongest General Election Candidate So many grotesque people. I liked it though. There haven't been any good movies for years. OMG This was terrible, just awful. Agree, it is a dark and ugly film, don't lose your time on this one. Yay the violent, macabre cliche all over again, another dark and ugly movie ho hum Are People that Like Fake Food similar to this? Is He a Real Archeologist? Rogue One, a good Analogy for what the Muslim world is up against. IMDB was Created for the message board I only wish it hadn't had such a depressing premise