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Sandy Amanda was an idiot. Not bad 6B Sneak Peek View all posts >


Lol true. Much like Rosemary's Baby. I'll take it over the third movie. I just saw the trailer and it looks utterly stupid. I think she's prettier than Nina. It's too late for that. I was only planning on checking out a couple of eps but now that they've cast a certain actress i'll stick around for the first season at least. I thought Ruby was ok but that scene where she walks to get her costume made me cringe. Why do you say that?? What didn't you like about her?? I did watch the first season of that reboot. And you're right, they should have. If they plan on bringing the OG cast back again, i really hope they don't even bother with a love triangle (depending of they ignore Kelly and Dylan having a son). It's a shame she didn't remember him from Palm Springs. I'd go with Brenda. And i wish that they'd both told Dylan to piss off in season 3. Lol that wouldn't have been cheesy at all. View all replies >