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I guess that's it, then. Carl and Sophia have a daughter named Andrea. And they lived happily ever after. LOL What was she thinking? Or, like Shane, he feels he can be a better father than Rick. At one point, someone said it was never this bad this early, meaning winters are getting worse is how I took it. I'm thinking that the lease ran out for that location they were using for filming. He is far more interesting as a character than Daryl is. The Last Descent. Based on a true story. The whisperers have managed to round up the biggest herd any group has had to deal with. That's funny because I was just thinking that the new group of characters look right out of a Friday the 13th movie. Sure. I would. He does transition to a mostly good guy in the comics. Even saves Rick's life at one point. Maggie has her final confrontation with him. They could do that before she leaves the show. I have little faith in the writers getting all this right, though. View all replies >