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Now on Amazon Prime. Space Shuutles? Going to miss Killjoys. Season 3 start date Crazy credits You're kidding me. The car couplers TV movie? A TV pilot that didn't go any further Season 4? View all posts >


I'd like to see her tossed out of the airlock. If it's from BBC TV it will be all of them and Dr Who will be blind and in a wheelchair. That was as much time as they could afford to pay him so they killed him off. Saw the first ep of See. What a jock of Scifi. Not interested in The Morning Show. If you think Disney has little content you should look at Apple. Nothing much there. I wish when they get space borne again that she gets chucked out of airlock. Agreed. Pity they didn't restore this into HD. Would drive me crazy as well except for the girls at the Shadyrest Hotel. No she's not. She's just been brainwashed better. View all replies >