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And Linda carter too 👍 wouldn't say that to his face... even today Agree, could not be remade to imitate... It would be a shambles ...... but the old Columbos would still be the same👍 Me too. Quirkyness off the scale, something about those times were a lot more simple. Can't be replicated now What about Ben Stiller, he's got the hair and would be good at clutching about in a crumpled mack. Would he be able to do that accent that Columbo has .... Is it New Jersey, Brooklyn, Bronx? When I watched this as a kid in the 80s I didn't really know why he killed them. But loved the cat and mouse approach with Columbo catching him out. But now when watching it I would say not many would be sympathetic to Cash's character. Don't fax vehicle VIN numbers or the legal section will get involved. Medium sized wood shredders are too slow Carl is good at dealing with the police when pulled over You can't cut a Sierra in half to share the value When trying to escape from 2 psychopaths, race away at 100mph and then throw your vehicle off the road making sure it rolls a few times Tell your kid not to worry after you have had his mom and your wife kidnapped by people you don't know. When the cops come to take you away make sure you are in your y fronts and hold on to the door frame of the motel room so that you can get the last cents of value out of that room aww great to hear. Who else was at that fan expo. Lol, your comment made me laugh, you are right. Two menacing guys. Blofeld was running a very inefficient scheme with so many killers and diamond transporters to pay. Maybe he realised that and we just seen the end game with wint and kid closing the operation off. Lucky they didn't do Blofeld in as well just for the hell of it. I'd say a kid and wint film could have been created to show their back story Ha ha agree. Daltons bond wasn't as childish as Moores, maybe that was why View all replies >