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I watched a video of the boys talking about going back to work. Jensen seems a bit bored with being home all the time and quite dependent on a schedule. Like he's ready to go back to work, Jared looked relax, but I'm sure he wants to return to work too. They didn't talk much about "Supernatural" but Jensen said, the next episode is like a season finale and the last episode is the series finale..well yeah, it is. But, I just thought that was interesting Wasn't Jensen a reason why Supernatural is ending? I thought I read somewhere Jared was OK to keep going...not saying that Jensen wanted the show to end, he just thought it was time and "OK" with it. At first I thought he'd do music or take a short break with his family, but since COVID, everyone has kind of had a 4-5 month break with their families... I saw they are in Vancouver now, so I wonder if they are staying until they finish August 18 to September 11 I know Walker is going to take Supernatural's spot in the Winter. I wouldn't be surprised if Jared wasn't working on both shows, since Supernatural wasn't fully completed. A lot of shows just released what they had and moving on to the next season. I don't watch Empire, but that show was on its last season too and only released what they had as a series finale. Supernatural is in a slight tight spot to complete 2 episodes. I just wonder if they'll stay in Vancouver to finish the show, or leave and come back, but if they do that they'll have to be quarantined for another 2 weeks before filming. I wonder why it took him so long to say why he left, but maybe it took some time to find the words, or admit he no longer had it in him to write the show. Even though, I thought his leaving was pretty obvious. You write all you can for a show and then you want to write something else. Makes sense. I see the last episode is still blank for the writer, I hope he wrote it or at least co-wrote it. It would be fitting. I'm a little nervous about them filming the last 2 episodes, I don't know if they started yet, but things haven't been getting "back to normal" some states are back in lockdown. I know they film in Canada, so maybe it's not that bad there and they can get to do the scenes right. I don't think Dean and Sam can stand 6 feet apart in the show. From an article online it says they are going to film end of July. Still says it's cancelled. It's a huge thing, so they probably thought it would be safer to cancel it all together. I heard about it on radio. That's great. View all replies >