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a lot of rinse and repeat Still not the same... The show even got 6 additional episodes OK I saw him post on Instagram, he's very humble. It's easy to get renewed on CW...I'm mostly referring to the terrible Dynasty and the mistake of "Charmed" 2018, oh and Riverdale, that show is bad too. I watched the Pilot and thought it was OK, but I didn't return for next week. I'm happy for Jared, but the show feels more like a family drama than anything else and I'm not a fan of some of the characters/actors. I might check it out again, but right now, I'm going to pass. I'll be surprised if it makes it to a season 2 I thought the Pilot was very boring and as for the twist, I wasn't surprised and I just thought, oh, so we are putting all of our eggs in one basket? Kill off a character that's connected to 2 women and a son with very little interaction, or development between most of them. I didn't read the book, but I didn't care or feel anything when Cody was killed. It also revealed another bad guy, so early in the story. Disappointing. The sisters are so unlikable and I don't know how this is going to stretched out for how many episodes(?) The 2nd episode was lackluster with the girls having no common sense, the "Detectives" do nothing...again boring. If I need help getting to sleep I'll watch the 3rd episode. I don't think Dean knew he was going to meet Sam. I think he was just driving and stopped at the bridge. I had a feeling that's where Dean and Sam would reunite in heaven, but I wasn't sure how. Was Dean going to look over his shoulder and Sam would be standing there? Or was Sam going to reach out to Dean on the shoulder? Both wrong. I think Dean felt Sam's presence as he smiled and said hey Sammy. Makes me wonder why the resident "Casey" isn't on as much I find Nico and Scmitts relationship to be the worse. The two have zero chemistry and their scenes are always so close to the end of the show, like they try squeeze that in to please lgbt community. View all replies >