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I agree about them dying together vs. 1 dying, I just think that's a big middle finger to the boys and us. Sounds very Season 8 meets Season 10. I liked the beginning of the episode and I thought it was going to go somewhere interesting, but I felt there were let downs throughout the episode. Though, I still like it better compared to the first 2 episodes. I'm not sure what the point of bringing Benny back was, other than to show a familiar face and to show in other worlds, we/they will still come in contact with the same people. Also, I'm guessing he wasn't a vampire(?) I'm not even sure what killed him, bullets, I'm assuming. Becky, I didn't mind they were bringing her back, but I'm surprised how "mature" she was, a husband and 2 kids, though I'm confused with her eldest age, since we haven't seen her in 8 years and he looked over 10, but whatever, I guess, they don't exist anymore anyways. The case for the boys was boring, but at least this time around they got somewhat better actors. We barely saw much of the boys and they barely solved anything. All for what, another subplot that ties into the ongoing story. I was hoping we were getting a full on monster of the week episode and the end was only Chuck and Becky, but no, it's a subplot that was dragged out. Perhaps, I'm biased, but this case was simple and safe. Jensen's directing was good, but it didn't help the episode for me and how he was jumping around between the shots of revealing the twist about the son, felt very un-Supernatural, more lifetime movie. I"m glad to see Jensen got his song into the episode. The problem for Chuck is he gets too comedic, that's the actor, and it annoys me when actors are unable to simply just portray a character and not letting out of who they are. Like Metatron really mad me hate him and annoy at the same time, but Chuck right now to me is only a whiny brat who sucks at being God. He's not a villain. I dont understand the problem? Monday comes sooner than Thursday. I dont know what they think in the networks when they decide what day is best for what show. But it's odd for the shows last episode to be on Monday... that will be the longest weekend. I feel like I've been waiting a month for this episode. I think its Rowena as shes credited. If it's another old friend then I dont kno. a sacrifice sorority Christmas with SJW rubbed all over it That's why it wasn't looking good? I'm overall disappointed with this "season 4" due to its story and underused of returning characters. I don't like to "follow" too much into actors personal lives, but my phone was blowing up with it. i watched the video and it just looks like something blown out of proportion. TMZ only cares about getting stories View all replies >