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I for one , have always seen Robert Pattinson as a closet case. His "relationship" with FKA Twigs ain't going too hot either. So if you want to say that the Rupert Sanders thing was a PR stunt, knock yourself out! Something had to be done, Kristen took the heat as the "trampire" and "homewrecker" so Rob can keep his little secret. Now it's probably on FKA Twigs shoulders and Twigs is trying like a motherfucker to get herself out of that. OK. I think I will go out and buy it. Maybe I would like it more than Equals. Equals was OK, Kristen was OK but I think she was a little underused in her role. No. Not at all. Some men like flat-chested women like Kristen Stewart. I am one of them. I for one, don't care about a woman's bra size. I just care about if they enjoy sex. And aren't that prudish about it. No you are not "weird" at all. Actually, it's been scientifically proven that flat-chested or smaller breasted women do engage in and enjoy more sexual activities than say the "melon" breast goddesses most men like to fantasize about. So perhaps one can assume that Kristen Stewart has a better sex life than say... Jennifer Lawrence? Its spelled "technically". Learn to spell . Maybe Kristen Stewart can still spell better than you. January Jones? Seriously? Jones is and was only good for Mad Men. Anything beyond that like X-Men: First Class or Unknown, nobody cared how " nuanced " she was. You are probably not that great at whatever it is you do for a living either. Yet you want to criticize Stewart. Stewart is well aware of her her own limitations and has admit to them, and that's what her fans like most about her. She is not like other Millennial generation actresses who are so pretentious about themselves. If you don't like Stewart, that's your problem. She probably would want you to keep your ten dollars for your McDonald's meal instead. And that's what also great about Stewart, she does a better job handling haters than our current American president handles his haters. I will say if you can disdain Kristen Stewart despite her success, then you will be just as disdainful to someone who is not as fortunate as she is. Perhaps you already are. Because prejudice is a social ailment that will never go away. Stewart is a typecast, no doubt. But there are so many people out there who are OVER IT! Learn to live in peace, my friend. I could Kristen as Spider Woman. In BD pt. 2 she did show many similarities to Spider Woman. The "shield " , the super strength, the detective skills used when attempting to locate Alice and yes her intimacy with Edward. And Spider Woman is VERY intimate super hero. Also, Kristen's English accent as Snow White and Jessica Drew/ Spider Woman is British. But then again, Scarlett Johansson plays Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow, who is supposed to be Russian but Scarlett Jo just speaks with her normal American accent. So perhaps Kristen can do the same. Um. I say Kristen play Raven in a Justice League movie in the future. Raven is mysterious and appeals to the angst of alienated teenagers. Kristen has a long history of playing angst-y characters. Take Scarlett Johansson, whom I am now a fan of. Scarlett Jo plays characters that are just unintentionally seductive. Well that typecast sure works well for her as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So same can happen for Kristen, there is a role in comic book movie that is tailored to her usual typecasting. I believe Raven would be such a character. That's is DC. For Marvel, I say she can play Satana. Marvel and DC are known to rip each other off. Raven and Satana are pretty similar. They both are depicted as the daughter of the devil. My intro to Diane Kruger was in Troy(2004) where she played Helen of Troy. All we need is for one day, Kristen does a movie with Orlando Bloom. So they both gossip about what it's like to "kiss" Diane Kruger on screen over a cup of coffee. I beg to differ about Lawrence. I just think she over plays her roles. And she's a self entitled princess who cries too much about not being paid enough for her roles and she's not that attractive as some people claims she is. I have seen her without make up in pictures. She's often haggard and bloated. Kristen despite her cigarettes and weed smoking, and her limited personal wardrobe, still seems to be in pretty good shape and have healthy skin compared to Lawrence- nevermind Kristen being four months older. People are so over the 2010 attitudes about Kristen's hair hygiene. Now in 2017, the only people who think it's still fashionable to attack Kristen are, sadly, people who support our current President. They are mad that Kristen went on SNL and called out Donald Trump on those dumbass tweets he posted about her in 2012. I don't know how else to say this but Trump attacking Kristen Stewart says a whole lot about people who despises Kristen in general. Trump swindled people with his so-called "university", is a sexual assaulter, and grotesquely desecrates the good name of one America's beloved dead presidents. Ronald Reagan believed in immigrants. He was the President that signed the 1985 amnesty. Trump talks down immigrants never mind he is married to one. Trump talks about building a wall. Reagan talked about tearing one down. Trump is a puppet for the Russians who rigged the election for him. Ronald Reagan stood up to the Russians. " Make America Great Again " was Ronald Reagan's campaign slogan in the 1980 presidential election. Trump INSULTS the memory of Reagan. That said, Congress should consider extending copyright infringement laws to presidential campaign slogans. I don't mean to get political but in 2012 Donald Trump was the one who volunteered to make himself the poster boy for the Kristen Stewart hate-train. These people are not trustworthy or have much moral terpidtude about themselves or who or what they associate with. I liked Snow White and The Huntsman. It's the movie that made me a fan of Kristen. I actually own it on DVD. I meet plenty of people like myself who prefers Kristen's Snow White over the one played by Lily Collins in Mirror, Mirror- which that film was too goofy for my tastes. View all replies >