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Government won't issue warning about (gay-inspired) syphilis epidemic striking USA_-now!!! Book showing what a mass-murderer Ho Chi Minh was North Korea really started the Korean War! Mash's anti-war bit was bull. READ!!!!!!!!!!! Professorwatchlist org shows radical professors on US Campuses---READ!!!!!!!!!!! Earth's water is older than the Sun--agreeing with Genesis! READ!!!!!!!!!! Discover Magazine shows Earth's water older than the Sun (agreeing with the Bible) Benny Hill considered funnier than Monty Python by two TV stations!! READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Earth's water older than the Sun --science shows this and it agrees with Genesis Chapter 1 Book showing Ho Chi Minh was a brutal mass-murderer! READ!!!!! Her lousy performance in NODS proves she stinks as an actress! Everyone else did good in that film. View all posts >


It is something everyone has to worry about. The syphilis has spread all around the globe! Obama's government left it unreported as well. It is important! Read the webpage! More need to know that North Korea 100% started the Korean War! I do not mind putting it on that forum as well! But it could make a General Discussion topic also so I will leave it here too. People could innocently take a class from a professor --not realizing he is a radical--and then the former could get their lives practically wrecked. Ever think of that, diptard Topx! Excellent insight on the documented evidence is in the book (Forgotten War Remembered, Korea) by author Bill Shinn. Read the webpage Radicals are so often dangerous! View all replies >