LMAO I just watched that last night and liberaci was a weirdo. Great movie but liberaci was a strange guy I belive carol killed her husband with sardine oil and fed him to the Tigers. It's obvious she did it and she slipped up a couple times I found it more strange how she acted like a petulant child over him wanting her to cook to be honest Doesn't matter But dorocet couldn't extract a sequence of divisional apato LMAO your upset over me not liking a movie how do you function daily LMAO you just can't stop dancing over a comment it really gets you triggered LMAO you literally Can't Stop Dancing over a comment it's like two weeks later and you're still here every day you're an embarrassment LMAO u litteraly can't stop dancing over a comment it's hilarious how triggered you are over a comment about a movie LMAO look how mad u are u can't stop dancing over a comment on the internet LMAO I can't believe you're triggered over a comment about a movie you like how do you function daily Ima neutral mocking for youlungese times Umad Umad No I did upset you LMAO dance Aww ez did I make you mad over the internet LMAO LMAO Todd looked like he did in ganenight and acted that way also It was 6 months when Jessy was in his car listening to radio they said white was the subject of a nationwide manhunt for 6 months You need to stay off these forums it seems like this is your life all you do is sit on here nonstop get a life