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Yes I felt the same way. It was a bunch of small scenes with Jessy and most of the scenes were long and drawn out elborino No they wont but they will win the AFC north and the sb Thanks I watched the trailer and it looks good and it's on Amazon. So I will be watching. The mother in the movie is played by the mother in silver lining playbook. I love that movie and she is a good actress Never seen the movie wondering if it's better then the show I feel the exact same way.its like u reaad my mind LMAO what were they supposed to do let him die if cancer.he made it to the very end like 2 episodes shy of the end I've watched it 7 or 8 times and I'm not kidding.i feel when I'm watching this I'm in the show almost.its without a doubt my favorite show ever Simply worst troll ever LMAO only reason I'm responding is I'm taking a shit and waiting for my daddy to bring me a hair dryer View all replies >