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He's Hot What!!! Natalie as an Angel of Healing You ever love yourself some Peter Weller? I do. I think she steals the show in many roles Another thing Just re-watched this film, and REALLY paid attention Anyone else have a crush on Heather Langencamp? This lady needs some posts In watching those two episodes of "Miami Vice" she was in... View all posts >


I got a feva, and the only prescription... He says it like he's sad, he he, and how about Ted Striker's record? Then again, irony can be pretty ironic:-). I too like the David Duke comparison; that's the figure who came into my mind's view when watching this film a few years ago. I thought she was pretty solid, and on another note, this is the only Bond film I viewed in the theater (I was 10, and still remember the film standee for "No Way Out" near the local village theater room entrance, since I went to view a bunch of films that summer). It's not as memorable for me as the first film, with the "Drinking Problem", "Get a Hold of Yourself!", "Don't Call Me Shirley", Steve McCroskey's "I picked the wrong day to...", and Rex Kramer walking through the mirror/double sunglasses gags, but I do really like the film, and I think it's very funny in its own right. That's a good question: I don't think it helped Peter Weller that RoboCop the cyborg was the star of the film and that Weller spent a good chunk of the film having his face covered (that's why Chuck Norris didn't want to play "American Ninja": the face covering, although Norris was already a star by then). Weller did "Shakedown" & "Leviathan" afterward, and although "Shakedown" was well-received by critics, it didn't move the needle for Weller, nor did "Leviathan". Then there was "Cat chaser" after that, which had all kind of shooting & editing difficulties. He did the second RoboCop after that and "Naked Lunch" (love it), but big-time stardom just didn't seem to be in the works for him. If Weller wasn't interested in fame aspect and more tuned in the the artistic value of the industry, than I think that's great. I've loved a lot of his work, from his Stuart character in 2000's "Shadow hours" (I think his character's line "I've seen things in this city that make Dante's Inferno read like Winnie the Pooh" is quite memorable) and his role as Nelson in 2001's "Styx" alongside Bryan Brown (he has a line in that film which I like: when he catches his wife in bed with another man, and that man points a gun at him, he says something like, "The gun works best if you have the safety off, skippy"). Then there's his Stan Liddy from Season 5 of "Dexter": yeah, I think Peter Weller is pretty awesome:-). That sounds (sounds, ha ha, like the explosion itself; ahh, I'm hopeless:-) right to me, and now that it's been brought to my attention, I think it's a nifty detail in the film that Boddicker users a silencer to begin with. I consider "RoboCop" to be a smart film, and I think the silencer idea is an example of a character in the film doing a smart and thought-out thing. I liked how Jennifer handled her business in the afterword of what those guys did to her, and I agree with ElectricWarlock that human beings aren't predictable and don't always make decision which make sense to us all. In the framework of the film, Jennifer sticking around and dispatching of the guys seems fine to me, and they were spooked by the fact that she was still alive AND that she stuck around; none of them could've been prepared for that, which seemed to be phase 1 of Jennifer's plan. Brutal film to watch during the rape scene, but I LOVE the payoff. Yeah, that is pretty interesting; William Zabka had the bully role nailed down in the mid 1980's. You wanted a jerk? Call Zabka. I really do believe Sherilyn Fenn's Sandy character (who I thought was rather sweet, and you have to love her potential sex drive) was on point saying that Terry looked like The Karate Kid, especially since Danial-san also had soft features. I agree that it would be nice to have her character expanded on, instead of it being a one-and-done kind of deal; there's plenty of time to rectify that oversight:-). View all replies >