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::::SPOILER::: Everything from the HOVERING on.... AMAZING MOVIE! not for everyone. "This is a true story" View all posts >


it was Toller imagining his inner desires, the things he wanted to do but wouldn't. THE WHOLE THIRD ACT OF THE MOVIE WAS NOT REAL! the whole third act was in his mind, not real; he didn't, third act of the movie is in his head. any living thing IS a soul; you've never been on a plane? "we have # souls on board." she did the scene, yes I THINK it's because she was suppose to be fertil and she wasn't no. Jesus guys I can't believe some of your complaints! Came here to discuss the season finale and all I see is a bunch of people trying to MAKE SENSE OUT OF A FARGO SEASON! You may call it a thrope but Fargo IS ABOUT deeper meaning. It's not that it's supposed to be totally metaphorical but it is HIGHLY ALEGORICAL. Can you imagine if we tryed to digest it "plotwise"? I mean, from a robot to jew ghosts (even Emmit's car miraculously starting after it broke down), this is an "enjoy the ride" series, not a "plot" series, just enjoy it for what it is. View all replies >