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They did... it’s basically Smallville. I liked it, it has grown on me over the years. I have said it before, it’s best viewed as it’s own story and not a direct sequel to the Shining. Great acting by Ewan and the little girl with powers. Also the deaths are brutal in this movie. I have not read the book but I like this movie and I like The Shining. I liked it. Such a breath of fresh air. Having it based in Smallville is a good way to ground the show and I think that will work out for the best. At least this movie tried but failed. WW84 doesn’t even try and just takes us for idiots The T-800 can only be the Rock or Jason Momoa We want the Leeroy Jenkins cut? In the comics she has powers and is known as Photon. She's usually in the Captain Marvel stories. I didnt know about the blue eyes cause I dont read comics anymore but to me it was just confirmation that they will give her the Photon superpowers in this series and not in season 2 or something. You would be dead if you only had a little bit of brain left in your old body I think. I mean what would be the use for hypnosis for that little bit of brain. I maybe wrong but it won’t work if the original brain that controls that body’s functions are removed. I saw 6 aunties beat up a guy at a station in Cape Town once. They didn’t even try to rape him. Just straight up beat his ass until he apologized for trying to rob one of them I think. These were big thick sissi’s with babies strapped to their backs and they broke up a wooden crate and used those planks to kick his ass. I hope Latifa gets some sisters and do that every episode. I would watch that. At least Spider-Man stayed a bit consistent with his angst and good humor throughout. Not good but a solid follow up. WW84 was just all over the place. View all replies >