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No Supervillains? Favorite part of the show for me... Hold up!!!!! This needs a sequel... Question (Spoilers) Bran the Raven Did anyone watch this show What attacked the sub in the beginning? Just watched it. Damn What does Eddie do when Venom eats? What were the mechanics at work here View all posts >


I agree, but if there’s super heroes in the world then villains will naturally evolve as well. Good point there I think some parts of what the doctor said was true. He told Homelander the lie about her being dead to protect her and the child. She on the other hand went into hiding, arranged by the doctor, in order to protect her and the baby and also to protect her husband. She might have thought that a jealous Homelander would kill her husband if she wanted to go back to Billy instead of him. So her only option was to disappear. Somehow Homelander eventually found out the truth (probably by staring through walls) and now he decided to bring Billy there so that the wife will be forced to choose between the 2 of them etc... (soap opera plot ensues) I dont like it at all, being a christian I feel uneasy with this type of story telling but... They absolutely nailed that conference thing, the worship leaders, fake pastors etc... It's something I abhor in 'so called' christian movement because it's downright making a mokery of what Jesus came to show. So in a way the Sparkbright girl got the actual message correct. The current christianity we are seeing is a diluted media driven monster, far removed from the examples of love to be found all over the Bible. So yeah, I enjoyed that episode just for the way they highlighted that issue, anything more than that I will keep my reservations Pity, this was a good movie. Maybe it will become a cult classic years from now. I saw it today and it was awesome imo. Not much of a story but all in all a good popcorn flick with decent action and set pieces. The monsters looked scary finally and they made a huge impact on the scenery as well they should. Wasn’t so bad and I maybe alone in hoping there’s a sequel. I didn’t expect much going in and just had fun with it. A bat shit crazy movie. I agree a movie trilogy makes more sense but if money was not a problem then a game of thrones level quality tv series would be ideal Be ready for a thousand filler episodes Best and funniest reply here lol... Even though I will be one of the nerds watching this. View all replies >