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Hold up!!!!! This needs a sequel... Question (Spoilers) Bran the Raven Did anyone watch this show What attacked the sub in the beginning? Just watched it. Damn What does Eddie do when Venom eats? What were the mechanics at work here Best part of Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Good movie, stupid Cover art View all posts >


I saw it today and it was awesome imo. Not much of a story but all in all a good popcorn flick with decent action and set pieces. The monsters looked scary finally and they made a huge impact on the scenery as well they should. Wasn’t so bad and I maybe alone in hoping there’s a sequel. I didn’t expect much going in and just had fun with it. A bat shit crazy movie. I agree a movie trilogy makes more sense but if money was not a problem then a game of thrones level quality tv series would be ideal Be ready for a thousand filler episodes Best and funniest reply here lol... Even though I will be one of the nerds watching this. Same here. I didn’t even finish this last season of Archer. Just wasn’t funny. LOL, it was too long ago man. Thanks for this thread, I am still laughing. Thanks ya'll I rewatched TDW and saw my goof there. But still how did the ether become a stone (which was then delivered to the collector) The last we saw it it was in a million pieces as the huge ass space ship falls on that funky elf man. Watching it now and it’s just so good humor wise. Most of the comedy is delivered very dry and dead pan. I like it View all replies >