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It certainly was a war the US shouldnt have been in , it turned out , and also one they couldnt win. 2 good reasons to oppose it right there, admittedly it did take a long time for those 2 things to become clear The MCU films do not belong in any category other than "list of mindless bollocks for adult manchildren" , let alone "Movies for the thinking person" I bet Queen have got a few , a lot of their titles seem to be designed to be advert taglines ok , just checking, couldve gone either way. In fact in for me i think its a case by case scenario , depending what the actor has done / become ... like Spacey for example There are only 7 stories in the world. Can you provide links to anyone "touting New Hope as original?" " only one I find watchable these days is Dennis Quaid? " "Well, I don't like Quaid anymore." So would that stop you watching films with actors you no longer like , that were filmed back when you did like them? or is it a case of "Mel Gibsons become a dick in recent years , so i cant watch Lethal Weapon anymore." theres a lotta reality shows built on less. Like that one where we watch people who are watching TV. you get that one in the US? That is indeed one of the rare true plotholes. They could kick back , get some sleep ,drop Jennifer off, form a plan , gather some equipment or whatever , and then set off to exactly the same point in the future but in two weeks when they're good n ready. Couple that with the fact they didnt need to go AT ALL! Doc could just say "Marty, I've been to the future and your kids have grown up to be dicks . Try Harder!" Thinking about it RELIGION is the main reason why the OP's suggestion will never happen maybe . Then we'd pick a fight with them , and lose. View all replies >