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well its an actiob film isnt it , so it would fall foul of todays harsh standards for fx and choreography. If something like "12 angry men" was realeased today , with zero fx and effectively just dialogue , it'd probly do ok yeah but comparing tense situations like that egg scene , with cgi and fight choregrahpy is apples and oranges. Hollywood has got better at the latter , but could do with more of the former - storytelling " but the closer shots as there seemed to be life, were quite ordinary?" huh? waddya mean? That is pretty good summary of how little info the film divulged! Like the OP said , the prize is just some non specific reason for them to have fights occasionally - you know , to make the life of an immortal more interesting to the casual viewer. There also seemed to be some unwritten rule that all fights must be one on one too , other wise all the "good immortals" could have ganged up on the Kurgen both for themselves and to avoid " mankind would be plunged in to darkness forever." ok , you stick with your imaginary $5000 / night high end hookers. oh , yeah i forgot about Galt ahhh right. Well yes , that was the deal for the 2nd movie [edit] oh you mean cops everywhere will know his histrory? well .. he didnt actually kill anyone in the 1st movie i dont think. The police forgave Rambo for helping them? Make sense man! we had this discussion in the office the other day , and spent a long time looking a lists of films from each decade. result: 80s produced the best films. probly 90s second place. " PM sees 'no reason why people should be prosecuted for selling goods in imperial measures after Brexit" its a cheap election promise. Does anyone want to sell stuff imperial measurments? It that sort of bullshit in the headlines that makes you give up on understanding or even listening to any of it. Its a bit like when they say "when they end free movement , no foreigners will be able to work in the country" View all replies >