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sound quality belloc go to jail already! a whole thread dissapeared! series 3 ... spoilers probably that profile pic up there... Another super hero shit show? Damn! standard time travel art theft trope I have a special set of skills... Hey! its Omar from The Wire View all posts >


Peter starts showing concern for things after Michael and Samir get laid off. Why is this? no he dosent he starts a criminal campaign involving his friends like it aint no thang... Peter you are a bad man! [i]All the sequels are better.[/i] No they arnt They may have more gore n shit , or better effects , or even a better story but they dont have ... Originality. The original idea "this ghost can kill you in your sleep" was scary , it was a level beyond other ghost horrors and other slasher horrors , combining the 2 and making you think it could be real / possible . almost. No sequel had that becasuse it wasnt a new idea anymore , just freddy killing people in different ways , with ever more cheesy jokes. nail. head. well said. well , that is the real conundrum with many films: kill the monster - how do you make sequel? some films use different monster - cant do that with Freddy he is one person if you got sent to room for 5 months you wernt old enough to watch it! you're right all the comments say that . but ... he was barely in it! Didnt any of you in certain parts of the US get taught a load of creationist bullshit? that would be pretty useless Isnt there recorders at the start of "Stairway to Heaven"? if so , that justifies their existence right there .. agreed " Definitely one of those scenarios where the audience would like to of seen how that whole thing went down." no no no no no Whilst i can see you want to see all the shooty shooty, bang bang , cos it would be like all awesome and shit... it would totally detract from the mood and style of the story. I'm going to imagine the Hitcher found a big can of sleeping gas , pumped it in the station , then went in ans executed them all. Whereas all you have to do is pause the film , go watch the police station invasion scene from T1 , then resume ... View all replies >