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Do most men in the US shave their pubic hair? Mysterious hole that shotgun Best Poster not much discussion here so when do the "roaring twenties" start? omg there another one after this! Star Wars spoiler generator season 4 discussion for those seen eps 1 to 6. The metric system View all posts >


coincidently reached the finale episode last night. Very emotional, that very last epilogue joke with Ted D fell a bit flat though , they should have cut that Hey thanks, very informative! What happens if the analogue , high res film has , like , gone a bit yellow , like the original star wars reels? Well if it was they were wasting their time. We'd probly just put it down to global warming and start nuking each other to commandeer the high ground. If the film wasnt filmed in Ultra HD is there any point putting it on an Ultra HD disc? next up , People magazine vs fried eggs Y'all see the link and why this is a "people need to know" issue right? I just couldnt walk around with a watch that is basically just a badge that says I can afford to throw away $20,000 on this useless bit of bling that performs no function except to tell the time , which i already know thanks to my phone. ah the old man hunt for fun trope , scriptwriters just cant resist that one ... any more than they can stop themselves giving contract murderers cool nick names like "The Professional" or "The Mechanic" "since it was infiltrated by wokes." wtf does that mean? hey you didnt give anyone ales time to guess! I'd have got 1 of those last 2 i was about to say The Great Escape View all replies >