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Films with no men in them rip off , believe it or not Mortal Engines All the threads are about her looks most solid plot hole Which Film Delivers The Most Terrible Messages, In Your Opinion? 50 years today! funny bits under the radar possibly the laziest in Los angeles View all posts >


I'm programming a software robot right now . it's thick as shit :) oh yeah , i remember that. The fake mirror scene. Amazing how future John Connor managed to reprogram him into friendly teddy bear mode without doing that same mod at the time. that is kind of his m.o. he grabs em by the pussy and supports nazis so what did you want? another T1? same again? little bland isnt it? read only? where do you get that from? Also The T2 t800 was reprogrammed by the rebels , it didnt just see the light and go rougue Well I'm sold! From the OPs comments this is as good as it could ever have been. All the replies are "Nothing beats T2 , everything after is dead to me" why are you here then? I'm here to watch Terminator films less good than T2 , because obviously nothing will ever beat T2 (and T1) , mainly because they came first and started (and finished) the story. All we can do now is watch less good T films , or none at all. sure they could: yo momma wow , one of the dumbest , most banal ideas for a film is now into its second tv series adaption. sad . they took the swimming pool with them? https://moviechat.org/tt0095662/Moving cool! why does radius 10 bounce forever and radius 11 more normal? View all replies >