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How locked down are you? Most ridiculous moment ... 4 already Do most men in the US shave their pubic hair? Mysterious hole that shotgun Best Poster not much discussion here so when do the "roaring twenties" start? omg there another one after this! View all posts >


just refresh my memory .. whats a hippie? , whats a commie? , who's good? , who's bad? who do the left like/hate? who do the right like / hate? Y'all realise its not for your protection its for others right? The masks are to stop you breathing on other people, not to stop the virus getting to you. The other people's masks are there to stop the virus getting to you. So its kind of a team effort , and a bit selfish not to wear one. although i agree if your outdoors but nowhere near other people its not necessary. man , 47 , UK , live alone , gf wants to change that... 1 cat He's already shared quite a lot today:) but yeah are the 2 still in now that its 20 years later? I was reading some interesting posts elsewhere on free speach and the whatever amendment the other day some of the better ones were: ------------------------------------ Freedom of expression does not mean you have the right to spout any old bullshit at any point in time. This is the exact same thing as yelling "Fire !" in a crowded theater. As such, freedom of expression falls under the same blanket of social responsibility. You don't yell "Fire !" in a crowded place because the ensuing panic can get people injured and even killed. You don't encourage people to spread a pandemic virus because God knows there's gonna be some damn fools that are actually going to find that a hilarious idea and do it. Your freedom of expression is subject to being responsible for what you say. The thing is, on the Internet, nobody feels responsible for anything and they behave accordingly. ------------------------------------ "defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express" ------------------------------------ if "freedom of expression" is the only positive thing about a statement one should probably not make it. ---- well theres the long term traveller who gets a job and stays for weeks or months at places, Then theres the save a load of money , get a "go anywhere " ticket for the bus or train and travel as much as you can on that ticket method. Ive done the second one 3 times. Europe twice (for 4 weeks) , USA & canada (10 weeks , clockwise , greyhound , 1995) hmm , You'd think imdb would have something in place to stop just anyone adding movies, or all the film students would be putting their homework on waddya talikn bout? Hudson Hawk is his best film! 12 yr old link still works! View all replies >