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What was Mr. Glass' surgical procedure for? Question about the last scene (Spoilers) the tittle is misleading Is it really that bad? Should i skip it? Why did french people disliked this? Harry Styles is surprisingly a very good actor Do you recommend this? Are most veterinarias like these ones? Zero empathy for animals Bogota is not like it's shown in the first scene View all posts >


I give it 2/10. Poorly written, poorly acted It's going to suck Came here to ask the same what about the normalization of anorexia in hollywood and in the fashion industry? But people never never care about anorexic-type skinny hollywood actresses... health is only their concern when celebrities are fat First, i need to say that i'm not Mexican but Colombian. Though i think i'm making an accurate generalization, racial composition in our countries varies. [quote]Would I be correct in thinking the elites are white, the poorest are Indian, and the...middle class? mestizo? [/quote] It's true that it may be reductionist up to a certain point, because is not too rare to find some mestizos or brown-skinned people in priviledged postitions. For example, look at the current Mexican president Manuel López Obrador. He looks racially indigenous to me. However, on average, yes, economical and political elites are whiter than the rest of the people, and indigenous people and black people have singnificant higher poverty rates. It's a little like in the US: Black people are on average poorer than white people, but you have already had a black president and there are many examples of succesful black persons. Even though black people may be "equal" in the law now, given that there was a (long) history of racial segregation and economic exclusion and racism still exist to some extent, you still have an economic gap in the present. The difference is that in our countries non-whites are the majority of people so white priviledge is distributed worse. Also, some countries still lack the public discussion about race. The situation you saw in the movie: white rich people having indigenous-looking servants, isn't uncommon. In Colombia you can still see what you saw in that movie "The Help" in some places. Pic related: [url][/url] But that's not even the worst. The worst is that you can still find postcolonial-extractivist institutions in our political systems. Read that book "Why Nations Fail" by James Robinson and Acemoglu. I believe it explains well why are we so poor. Sorry if my English sucks too much and isn't comprensible That "you indentify therefore you are" is very postmodern. Either you are objectively something or you are not. I'd say that unless the person is crearly very white-looking or is a son/daughter of recent European inmigrants or his/her family has always lived in a racially segregated zone or class, is hard to claim racial purity in latino countries. But it's true. Colonial institutions are still prevalent in Latin America. You can just see this when you look at the race of the elites and the race of the poorest people Many mexicans aren't white or Indian. Most are mestizos (mixed). View all replies >