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As a woman, it's hard to feel that nostalgia and admiration for the past Women's perspectives and stories deserve to be told in movies. Vanessa Kirby totally deserves an Oscar for this Good movie!. Why is it receiving such a bad response from the public? What's the point of showing Kristen Dunst naked? How didn't he die? - Spoilers S1 What was Mr. Glass' surgical procedure for? Question about the last scene (Spoilers) the tittle is misleading Is it really that bad? Should i skip it? View all posts >


If the only criteria to tell if a movie is good or deserve to be made is box office, then moviemakers should always do superhero movies and no much more. I think she still loved him, but she didn't want to come back to their old life. The son was rude and yelled at his mom all the time. Is that the normal behaviour of a child in the USA? Yes, true. It makes no sense It felt like Get Out at first, but it turned out to be surreal and lychian hahah I agree Good question! It's boring as hell. Don't know why some critics say it has some "humor" in it. Prostitution is the "choice" of the women with the fewest choices Do Americans really believe this? That all poor people is poor because they are lazy and not do anything? That it's your fault? What a lack of empathy View all replies >