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Eve's leaving Favorite songs? Top 3 songs? R.I.P. Top 3 songs? Favorite performances? Favorite songs? “Save the animals” Favorite album? View all posts >


Knives Out Infamous Defiance Eve kissed up to Sharon like they all do though. I personally don't think there's anything more to her departure than what's been stated and fortunately this will be a clean break with no bad blood. Can't say the same for a few past departures. Lol. And Eve's a rapper BTW. Not a singer. Walking on Broken Glass Little Bird No More I Love You's HA! Same here. One Day in Your Life Left Outside Alone Why'd You Lie to Me The Little Mermaid Aladdin Beauty and the Beast Pocahontas The Lion King 2 years old. I think I was around 4 or 5 when I watched it for the first time. Part of Your World Under the Sea Kiss the Girl BOO! No pie for you! ;) I enjoyed both movies but the humor is stronger in this one for me. View all replies >