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Raphael from TMNT dubbed or the new one? A DiCaprio backed movie that hasn't budged in years. Easter Eggs (EEs if you want) aren't tropes and so trying to define an age on one is difficult and not always possible. If we follow on from my earlier Dark Star reference in Star Trek (2009) a model of R2D2 can be seen flying through space after the USS Kelvin has taken extreme damage at the beginning. This is a nod back to the Dark Star reference by JJ Abram but also a homage to Lucas' reply to it in Revenge of the Sith when a toilet seat and kitchen sink can be seen flying through space due to pressurized hauls being breached. Each have the briefest of moments but all have a connection to one another. I'm sure he wants his work to pay off. We'll see if he learns from giving confidential information out to strangers in a formal role as moderator seems agreeable in a legal sense. Trust is easily lost and once gone almost impossible to regain. Hard to say really but I like how in John Carpenter's Dark Star there is a toilet with THX-1138 floating through space after the ship blows up. This gag appears in a refurbished manner in various space movies afterwards. This kind of soft harassing is good for competition and keeps people on their toes. For me an Easter Egg is a chocolate egg gifted to children around March/April based on an old Christian story of Jesus' resurrection - only as political as needs be with that term. View all replies >