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Cute Johnny drinking and driving Great tour! Her yellow teeth Shia gets huge real chest tattoo for new movie DVD release in 3D actually works good WILL ESCAPE FELONY CHARGE In Domestic Violence Arrest Dude has longevity Hope people find this board soon View all posts >


Nope It is a very solid remake, I agree. This franchise is dead. Let it rest in peace. I personally didn't care for him. Glad he's gone. I follow her Instagram. She looks great Not that I am aware of. Recently in almost a dozen articles, he states he is getting too old to play the part and the franchise has no plans to continue the original series. I disagree. It's extremely well written and acted. It's a very high end nighttime Soap. It ran a long time. I love it This movie didn't reinvent the wheel, but it is a decent classic slasher movie. Or, like I said, Shudder could do it. It would actually be a perfect fit. They make high quality original movies in this sub genre. View all replies >