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LOL I almost would have bet the farm.................pffffffffft No doubt! LOL It is what it is! LOL I wonder if she'll be smart enough to change out Trump's name in the speech? Just from everything coming out about her, I would believe it too! Well of course Kevin Hart has only had pleasant experiences with Ellen and it's because he's one of those so called celebrities... The dynamic is different with people who work for her. She holds power over people and she doesn't want them to forget that and she treats them like poop because she she got called out for it so hopefully she gets hit with the poop and it sticks... And of course Portia will support her. She knows which side of her bread is buttered... I think what's bothering a lot of people is that it's now come to light with just how badly Ellen treats the people who work for her AND how badly she treats people who wait on her in restaurants AND how badly she treats people in general. Her nice persona is just a facade. She's a mean person and she's been called out for her nasty behavior, whether we like it or not... You can't unring a bell, so to speak... Simply put they don't work for her, they're friends so what else do you expect a celeb to say about another celeb? I think it's pretty ridiculous how some of these celebrities (Kevin Hart, Katy Perry etc..) have come out to stand by Ellen for the simple reason that she would obviously treat them differently in their everyday life because they're celebrities and they're more or less on the same level. Simply put, celebrities don't work for Ellen, they go to parties and socialize with her... So, it's all well and good that they're waving their Ellen banner and rallying around her but for all of the people who worked under Ellen, she obviously mistreated a good portion of them with intimidation etc.. and for those celebrities to defend that type of behavior because they say that she has always treated THEM nicely, it's just ridiculous to even compare the two situations. Yup.... Yup... I mean how dare they? View all replies >