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Golf Sandwich Who played Jimmy Carter? Horse death 2 questions Soundtrack? What happened to the rest of the episodes? What was that place? The Rogue Burning Tiger Is he the guy that plays "Lil' Sweet"? Movie View all posts >


I loved it when the badger wore out and just fell over and lied down with its arms spread out (Twice) while chasing the main guy across the desert. Ok. Thanks. I just somehow missed seeing it happen. Any info on where these are available today, 15 years later? I tried emailing to that address, but got an “undeliverable” email back from my email provider. Did you change your email address since your post here? I have no idea how to pm you. Clicking on your username doesn’t do anything or go anywhere. Any idea how to get the Amazon France site to translate to English? I can't figure it out. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That's kind of vague, but it sounds like he might be talking about a pretty cool Australian film called "Fortress", starring Rachel Ward. It sounds like an episode from the Australian 90's show called "Twisted". I have the 3 episode videotape which contains that episode. The episode was called "Bonus Mileage", but it's been a while since I've watched it, but that sounds like what you are trying to find. Did you ever purchase it over the last 4 years? I will sell you mine for $17. Let me know. Enid or Tara View all replies >