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It always reminded me of Night of the Comet whenever I watch it. You forgot the token partial robotic or machine man type character. Let's call them Cyberia. I didn't get that either. A person was named, but I didn't recognize or remember that character's name. I presume it must be the name of one of her colleagues. The main thing in the movie I didn't get is why it was made clear that metal would be needed to short out the glowing barrier thingy, yet they were able to achieve the same objective by just having one of the Guardians just simply touch the thing. It made no sense. Anyway, I really liked this flick. It was fun and well-paced and I liked the characters. Marcie (Jeannine Taylor) was indeed the sexiest gal in the first movie, but I always liked Annie (Robbie Morgan) a whole lot. I found her so irresistible and really attractive to me. She seems like she'd be the perfect girlfriend. She's better than all doormen. I also like her a lot and she was one of the reasons I wanted to see this. For some reason I thought that Angela Bettis was also in this, but she wasn't. I thought Julie was going to be in it more than she was, but she was in it a decent amount of time though. I concur. Couldn't take my eyes off of her, even when there was focus on other people or action in the scene. Her character was so playful and fun and happy on such a gloomy, pessimistic night and situation. I just figured he was supposed to be what they call legally blind, as opposed to completely blind. I presume he can see if whatever the item is is right up in front of his eyes like he did with the cards. Sounds like Jennifer On The Stairs, from Masters of Horror Can’t remember the name but it had the gorgeous Kelly Preston in it. It seems like it was called Spellbinder or Spellbound. View all replies >