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Same Ron Hood? I'm sure I'll get called names for this (like moron or idiot, etc.) Can anyone explain episode 6? The last 25 or so minutes Looking for a copy Is she going to change her last name to? Golf Sandwich Who played Jimmy Carter? Horse death 2 questions View all posts >


Surprised nobody mentioned the extremely hot and horny female alien from "Evil Aliens". Some people can get away with that type of thing: Christopher Walken and Charles Bronson for example. They are always the same in every movie, but it doesn't bother me. Same with Jason. At least he got to be funny a couple of times in the 8th Fast & Furious movie with that baby. Bruce was the best. He had it all. Selective dementia, impatient, a bit of a philosopher, two-faced, yet friendly, absent-minded. There are loads of spoiled brats in the world. 'Sounds like you had a whole neighborhood full to deal with. Thanks for the lesson on mail carrier flex shifts and such. I was just plain ignorant of that sort of thing. I still would be if I'd never watched "Secret Admirer". Thanks, Artificial Anti-Viral Freak, or does the AAV stand for something else? I"m aware of that. Of course that kind of thought has always been in my mind, but, I just wasn't aware that mail carriers begin that early. I guess I thought they would be on the road or actually starting their routes at 9:00 a.m. When I was a kid, I actually sort of took a poll (in person, with a clipboard, outside of a supermarket) regarding this topic in my hometown, and the earliest that anyone ever said they got their mail was 10:45 a.m. Now in episode 8, how did they figure out the password. Did they just have some kind of magical password hacking program running for all of that time while they were resting and talking? I didn't get it. Okay, now I have another, regarding episode 7: Can anyone explain why the bomb detonator exploded all by itself (without igniting the bomb) just by being kicked up into the air? I've only ever seen her in two movies: Stir Of Echoes and Kiss of Death, and she was really attractive in both of them. I know she had a long career on the Law & Order show, but I've just never watched it. But the main character is Jewish. Still not enough though, eh? Yeah. I love the show too, but I can see why lots of people would hate it. It's very redundant and you hear the same words everytime. I never got bored though while watching the DVD's. Did they make any more than just the 4 DVD's? I remember watching the show a couple of times when it was actually aired. I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time. View all replies >