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What happened to the rest of the episodes? What was that place? The Rogue Burning Tiger Is he the guy that plays "Lil' Sweet"? Movie She is so pretty! Casey Gagliardi is so pretty Any luck with commentary track? Hanging from a clock? Was this the first (or only).....? View all posts >


I tried emailing to that address, but got an “undeliverable” email back from my email provider. Did you change your email address since your post here? I have no idea how to pm you. Clicking on your username doesn’t do anything or go anywhere. Any idea how to get the Amazon France site to translate to English? I can't figure it out. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That's kind of vague, but it sounds like he might be talking about a pretty cool Australian film called "Fortress", starring Rachel Ward. It sounds like an episode from the Australian 90's show called "Twisted". I have the 3 episode videotape which contains that episode. The episode was called "Bonus Mileage", but it's been a while since I've watched it, but that sounds like what you are trying to find. Did you ever purchase it over the last 4 years? I will sell you mine for $17. Let me know. Enid or Tara I also thought perhaps, if it were only one filmcan there for them to take back (again this would follow the pattern that that theatre only showed older films for some reason instead of current ones), it would be cool if it were "Kindergarten Cop", so there'd be a nice nod to the Walking Dead comic. Aside from Indiana Jones comics, Cloak & Dagger is the only Marvel comic I ever read. So much is different from the comic. Not sure if I'll stick with the show. I didn't like Dagger much in the comics, and I don't like her much on the show either. Cloak was the really interesting character of the two in the comic, and so far I like him on the show okay. I just have to look past the hairstyle and how much younger he looks than Tyrone in the comic (he looks older once he becomes Cloak, but the way this show is changing things, it doesn't look like he'll have any type of transformation into becoming Cloak). Over the last couple of episodes I've been trying to figure out if the police lady, who I thought was a mute for 1 1/2 episodes, is going to turn out to be Mayhem from the comics. I really liked Mayhem, even though they didn't do much with her in the comics as they should have. Cloak is really what the comic was about and who the show should really be about. I just think they're going to modernize this show too much. When I saw the trailer for the show the first time, I thought it was going to be set in the early 90's, because of Tyrone's hairstyle and because it'd seemed like Tandy was a "club kid". Anyway, I'll stick with the show for a while and see how it turns out. So far, it's moving very slow. Yup View all replies >