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Can anyone explain the last two stories? Can anyone explain this movie? Looking for the field-sequential 3D DVD release Guy gets gas sprayed all over him, blinding him, and then gets ran over. PayPal link doesn't work Trying to contact him Hair I like the fact that I can make a sentence out of some of his movies Same Ron Hood? I'm sure I'll get called names for this (like moron or idiot, etc.) View all posts >


I agree. I loved every moment she was on screen. She played a loveable idiot perfectly, and soooooo pretty. It's hard to believe that that is the scene that gave you nightmares. I had nightmares too and had trouble sleeping when I couldn't have the nightmares, but it was due to something(s) else in the movie: those really tall, robe-wearing, moosehead-skulled, bonescythe-handed, eye-socket fireball-shooting minions of the villain, and to a lesser extent, the half-man / half-pig, but mostly the moose-skull things. Those things really scared me bad for a long time. When I first saw a commercial for the show, I kept thinking it was Adrianne Palicki. There is only one version of the film on the DVD I have, which is a limited edition. I presume a release with that kind of category would have had alternate versions of the movie on it, or at least deleted scenes. All it has in the way of extras is a Making Of and a few trailers for other movies. The two movies I kept thinking of while watching this were Frozen (2010) and Gravity. load-bearing walls? She definitely would. Don’t blame the white side. It’s because she’s a vegetarian (maybe a vegan by now). Despite what they preach, it screws up your body in many ways. Jamasian_man thank you so much for explaining that. I couldn't figure out or understand what the nurse's connection was to Bo. I rewound and watched that news report type scene 3 times and I never understood it. When or where did it mention that the nurse saved his life? Anyway, thanks. I have a movie called "Dummy" that he was in, and that to me is his most impressive role. He plays a deaf lawyer trying to defend a mute & deaf man (played by LeVar Burton) accused of murder. It was a TV movie. Anyway, Paul did an awesome job and not only playing a caring, concerned and dedicated lawyer doing his best to help the guy, but he also created a very believable deaf accent/way of speaking. The first thing I ever saw Paul is was "The Stuff" and then "Dick Tracy" and then I think "Goodfellas", then years later he was on a few episodes of a show I like called "Still Standing", then I saw him in "Repo: The Genetic Opera", and that's about it. Whenever I hear his name or if someone is talking about him for some reason, I always think of the movie "Dummy". He was so awesome in that. To me, that is his defining role. View all replies >