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2023 bump!! Monsters are Due on Maple Street... (Spoiler alert) Why is Franklin such an idiot? Episode 4... What did I just watch? SPOILER ALERT Question about the next day $2000 car job... So did he kill any of the dudes in the "revenge for Amy" loft scene? Epitome of CONTRIVED plot... (SPOILER ALERT) Reminds me of Steve Buscemi Name this movie about robbing a vase... please. Jake Gyllenhaal and Kevin Spacey = Jim Pace S04E01 An Exercise in Fatality... Plot Error? S03E07 SWAN SONG... is that young Jodie Foster? I didn't remember the title of this show, but this is how I found out... Did Wendy show empathy in the final episode, also a few more questions... SPOILERS obviously. Not done yet with the final 8 episodes, but can someone make sense... Can anybody see anything? LOL! Moral of the story... (SPOILERS) The house they lived in... Regarding Jail-Box the sheriff built... possible spoiler alert. S02EE24 Gentleman Caller... Smacking the girlfriend around. Wow!