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That's the savings account for the kids' private school, which Cane screws with. They probably have $186.24 in their checking account. It's like it's 2004 again. Lord. YES!!!! I love him! That's exciting. I hear you. They've done all sorts of wacky, incestuous pairings - especially with brothers/cousins/stepsons (hey, Jack & Gloria!)/exes - but the Victor/Sharon thing was waaaaay too much for me. Eugh. Me, too! I am a huge fan of Sharon Case to begin with, and have always loved the character of Sharon (well, except for the Victor thing - all kinds of ew there). At least they're not making her Phyllis' rival again with Billy (double ew). I love Mariah. I was SOOOOO gutted when they killed off Cassie. Camryn Grimes' acting as a child was absolutely stunning. I was completely riveted by her and I simply could not get enough of her onscreen! THAT is what annoying Faith should aspire to be, not shrill and whiny. Every minute of screen time that Mariah gets I feel like is making up for the travesty of killing off Cassie & giving Camryn Grimes the boot. <3 I agree - I really want to give Scottie a good scrubbing, especially that greasy hair. At least the Neckbeard's groomed (and not oily). Totally agreed! Kevin is a predator and a criminal, and no matter how hard they try to play him like his 'reformed criminal' brother Michael (who's at least sympathetic) it never works for me. He's slimy and totally deserves to go away like Chloe. Chloe at least has a mental illness to blame - Kevin's just twisted. No worries. He did have an 'evil twin' back in the day, and they did the whole "twin swap" crap and killed the twin off (thankfully). He's bad in the sense that he bribed a videographer/editing guy to frame Billy into looking bad. He hoped that Billy would take the fall for the hockey screw-up, and be fired. Instead, because Victoria is so far up Billy's ass, she fired Juliet as the hockey league wanted her to hold someone responsible. Juliet has always been plotting something - to get Cane, to get a better job, to get something - so now she's getting back at Cane for not protecting her. Personally, I think Cane is a total idiot. I think he's too dumb to plot something good or bad and actually have it be effective. View all replies >