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This prequel . . . Monster . . . It had all the right elements. Kurt Russell In case it wasn't obvious, Their 6 minute song . . . Looks like . . . Super power RIP Statue of Liberty View all posts >


You were right about that. I don't know who that is, though. All of the dubbing was poorly done. The sound was worse than the original US release of Mad Max. The lip syncronization was terrible. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Agreed. My heart still belongs to A Link to the Past, though. He didn't grow up that way, though. He grew up fatherless and (presumably) poor. That was a remake. It was written and sung by Otis Redding. Both versions are good. Funny Farm Some songs had radio edits. In-a-gadda-da-vita was edited down to just under 3 minutes. So was Thick as a Brick. Yep. Heartbreaking. She jumped the gun a little. Maybe a critique of the entertainment industry? Maybe just a super boring tale? View all replies >