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Fabulous satire! I wonder how many will think you're serious. Could that article be any more vague? Perfectly true. He's a good actor, but like anyone at his level of fame, he's pretty far removed from the riff-raff (rest of us). "The world has been ruined." FTFY What's the tl:dr version? The Adventures of Baron Von Munchhausen is great, so is 12 Monkeys. You left out LMNOP Nice reactionary response! I don't happen to be a fanatical Trump supporter. I didn't vote for him the first time around and I don't know that I will this time around. He's a blowhard, and I don't agree with the way he operates. I am also not an Obama hater. I felt a lot of his policies were counterproductive and I didn't care for his smug arrogance sometimes, but I generally liked him as a person. I thought most of his cronies were abysmal choices, though. As far as "proven" goes, the Obama administration has done a lot more shady stuff than the current one that has been proven. We are about to find out about more. He had 8 years, though. I'm sure the current one will catch up. That wasn't the point of this 3 year old thread, however. I detest hypocracy and double standards, particularly among the media elites. That's what this thread was about. In the time since I posted this, Mrs. Griffin has actually paid for her actions pretty substantially. That has surprised me. I think it was justified, but I don't think she should be permanently blackballed. I think she has served her time. You said "publicly" . . . I guess that matters for something. Not much, but something. View all replies >