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This prequel . . . Monster . . . It had all the right elements. Kurt Russell In case it wasn't obvious, Their 6 minute song . . . Looks like . . . Super power RIP Statue of Liberty View all posts >


I find the lamentations of their women too much. . . . and it made it the best Thor movie. Maybe Marvel figured out that more moviegoers like a superhero flick that doesn't take itself too seriously. This isn't Oscar winning drama here, it's guys and gals flying around and shooting laser beams at each other. You have to put it in perspective. If everything is like "The Dark Knight," it gets boring real quick. Yeah! I hate ugly people, women, and other races, too! (/end sarcasm) She'll probably be the only one who lives. She has the most room to grow from a character development standpoint. Also, this whole episode was stupid. What about not closing doors behind you? The whole episode was stupid. You were right about that. I don't know who that is, though. All of the dubbing was poorly done. The sound was worse than the original US release of Mad Max. The lip syncronization was terrible. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Agreed. My heart still belongs to A Link to the Past, though. He didn't grow up that way, though. He grew up fatherless and (presumably) poor. View all replies >