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Kelly Preston was smokin' in this. The bad guys . . . Season 2: station wagon? Jordan's eyes Best Theme? Major plot hole I've never seen anyone talk about! (SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY) Finally Donner party . . . Reminds me . . . Shredder (spoiler) View all posts >


I'm a nobody and my symptoms were like a mild cold for a few days. Theory busted, sorry. If I had a body like that, I probably would, too! I'm glad you posted this. Now I won't have to watch it and find out. Apparently no one read this sticky. I was thinking, the above poster thinks just like me . . . then I realized it was my post from 2 years ago. Senility is great! You can read things for the first time over and over again! How many girls/women do you know? I wear a mask in public when I can't distance. I don't want to be easily identified as one who doesn't drink the progressive kool-aide. It's similar to boxing, though, where the defending champ waits for a challenger to "work his way up" to a title match. Man . . . totally disagree. I thought the finally was so 80s. It just fit. Even Miguel's falling off the balcony was filmed super cheesy (I think on purpose). Also, Stingray is great. So are the tiny noodle-arm kids that fight each other. It all has a very tounge-in-cheekness to it. The context should indicate my message was slathered in sarcasm. So it's perfectly clear here, the actor playing the grown man was not cutting off the air of the actor who played the teenager. It was not found footage. It was actually a production of actors being filmed for our entertainment. It was a weird thing they used to do back in the 20th century. Quaint, I know. View all replies >