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Ft Lauderdale was. . . . Suit (spoiler?) This prequel . . . Monster . . . It had all the right elements. Kurt Russell In case it wasn't obvious, Their 6 minute song . . . Looks like . . . Super power View all posts >


She is! That was a storytelling decision made to lead on the viewer. She and Steve are fictional characters. Their actions and dialog are for our benefit. Maybe he was the only living 80s rock star they could afford? Mystery Science Theatre 3000 SPOILER BELOW I didn't like the choice of "rifle" at the end (in the table). It was a class 3 weapon, which he wouldn't be able to legally obtain in the timeframe presented. That stuff feeds the "OMG a machinegun!" uninformed crowd with bad ideas. 5 out of 4 people don't understand fractions. Ah, true. It's not for everyone, that's for sure. I was riveted to it. Every decade can be a joke to someone 30 years later. Commercialism EXPLODED in the 80s. People made crazy stupid fads because they could and it was all new. It was like a kid set free in a candy store. The 90s weren't much better, but maybe a LITTLE more restrained. Retro wasn't something anyone cared about. People didn't want antique, but shiny and new. For people who grew up in that time, the nostalgia is for the feeling of that "new world." In some ways it was like we were already living in the future. Technology and the computer age was moving fast on a scale that every person felt. It was exciting. Exactly. Nearly getting killed with someone makes you pretty close. View all replies >