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Monster . . . It had all the right elements. Kurt Russell In case it wasn't obvious, Their 6 minute song . . . Looks like . . . Super power RIP Statue of Liberty I thought it would be funnier. View all posts >


Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Agreed. My heart still belongs to A Link to the Past, though. He didn't grow up that way, though. He grew up fatherless and (presumably) poor. That was a remake. It was written and sung by Otis Redding. Both versions are good. Funny Farm Some songs had radio edits. In-a-gadda-da-vita was edited down to just under 3 minutes. So was Thick as a Brick. Yep. Heartbreaking. She jumped the gun a little. Maybe a critique of the entertainment industry? Maybe just a super boring tale? This isn't the biggest goof. The biggest goof is Harry throwing his Model 29 I'm the ground, then kicking it across the floor. I doubt he would have treated that particular pistol that way. We HAVE proportional representation. We don't have ONLY proportional representation. To do so would be akin to a state with 5 million wolves and a state with 500k lambs voting on what to have for dinner. The state with the wolves would always win and the lambs' voices would never be heard. The only way to balance that is to ALSO allow each state to have EQUAL representation. Now, you get some of both. The senate is called the "upper chamber," but doesn't necessarily have more power or prestige (since the 17th amendment changed the election of senators to a direct election of the people). View all replies >