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I'm shocked by how much Amazon has improved Today's PC culture and the Right and Left. The appeal of the MCU X Men It's not Agents of Shield! The Distribution of Foreign Films Today. Which type of feminist film is this? Will you watch the prequel(s)? I've only watched the 1st 4 episodes but... Should s7 and s8 really have less episodes? Retarded Movie Complaints Debunked Volume 1 (spoilers) View all posts >


I had no idea Armstrong wrote The Thick of It. That explains why the writing in Succession is so sharply familiar. The whole questioning at the court hearing felt very similar to the court hearing in The Thick of It as you watch the characters convincingly squirm. He has to be one of the best writers around. Like a grittier, more realistic Aaron Sorkin. I found The Thick of It to be better than Veep. I found Veep kind of like a glossier, American version of The Thick of It. The Big Bang Theory. And I'd be given an electric shock whenever I didn't laugh at the "funny" bits. No, you were right. It was the congresswoman from earlier in the show. And I assumed the same, that she was asking for funding to keep them alive. Despite hurting my head, you have brought up an interesting thought. Maybe if the simulation machine stops existing then those infinite universes have ceased to ever exist in the first place? Breaking Bad Fawlty Towers Game of Thrones Office(UK) Prison Break The Sopranos The Twilight Zone The Wire Mad Men Narcos The Office (UK) Orange is the New Black Scrubs Sherlock The Shield Six Feet Under South Park Suits True Detective The Twilight Zone The Walking Dead The Wire The Sopranos vs South Park was an impossible choice. Both are massively important to the tv landscape. In the end I went for South Park because, although The Sopranos kicked off the golden age of tv we are currently in, I don't think it's quite as good as it's reputation. But South Park's satire has been absolutely integral, a much needed voice. Yay! 24 Absolutely Fabulous Arrested Development Battlestar Galactica Blackadder Breaking Bad Californication Daredevil Deadwood Entourage Fargo Friends Game of Thrones Please, please tell me The Wire and The Shield will be in part 2 Yeah, that's terrible about people asking for their money back. I knew a few people who worked in cinemas back then and they told me it happens. You'd think people would do just a touch of research before going to see a film. Yes, I found Korean films in particular to feel very different. Their stories feel unique, their characters avoid the predictable stereotypes of western films. They always seem to take you on a unique journey and I can rarely predict what will happen. We still get a few such as Train to Busan, The Handmaiden and Parasite but nowhere near the amount we used to get. Are you American? Because Shadow may have been shown in cinemas over there. But I'm pretty sure it didn't here in the UK. It's the kind of film I tend to notice. Before the release of Amelie and Crouching Tiger in 2001 there was a real stigma about foreign films. Being willing to read subtitles as you watched a film suggested to most people that you were mental, despite the fact that reading a magazine involves a similar combination of processing words and images. But for quite a while that stigma went away in many circles. No, foreign films didn't get the kind of huge release the average blockbuster enjoys, but you could talk with moderately educated people about them and they'd usually be somewhat familiar with a lot of them. And far more than kung fu films and Pan's Labarynth. There were varied films like Night Watch, Infernal Affairs, Timecrimes, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Nine Queens, Death Note, The Experiment, I could keep going on for a very long time. There were so many of these films released every month. And the confident marketing push of these films meant that you'd have heard of them. When Battle Royale was released the average person wouldn't have known about it. But that's because it was released just before foreign films became more popular. Several years later it became very well known. I've had many different types of people tell me they love it. Foreign films were, for lack of a better word, hip. More recently it seems that aforementioned stigma is back. Mention to someone that you watched a subtitled film today and they look at you like you just farted at a funeral. And I'm not talking about the average Gary who works in a garage. I'm talking about intelligent people with good jobs. I'm not saying we don't get foreign films today. Of course I notice them. But there does seem to be less and they don't seem to be marketed well or be as prominent in our culture. I hope the huge Oscar success of Parasite changes that. View all replies >