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Now that is a great outlook on life! I agree. I didn't post in the politics forum because I was interested in responses from a range of different people rather than just political experts. And I think PC culture is an issue of sociology, amongst other things. Not just political. You are correct, no one has taken the right to free speech but it's more about an atmosphere that has been created. I have the right to go to a funeral dressed as a Transformer if I choose. But obviously it would be incredibly inappropriate and I would be detested by all attendees, all the attendees friends and acquaintances and however far the news will travel. Which in the day and age of youtube and facebook is pretty far. Now similar kinds of reactions are currently being applied to some of the most mundane of casual mistakes. If you're genuinely being hateful then yes you deserve it. But there is an atmosphere around today where everyone is trying to catch each other out and offense is taken all over the place as so called "microaggressions" are frequently read into things. There is no leeway for reasonable discussion, debate and analysis. Here's a couple of "microaggressions" as an example: Saying "you guys" to a group of men and women. Complimenting a woman's shoes. I didn't make those up, those have been actual real complaints. It's like a form of control through shame and character assassination. A lot of offensive comedy and jokes are being satirical. And you need satire. There is a threat to art because artists are forced to write characters how they are supposed to be rather than how they really are or their work will be boycotted and critically slammed. Everything is becoming inappropriate. We still have the right to free speech. But at some point a lot of this censorship will probably be integrated into law. I think you're right. I still don't think it answers my curiosities. Why are certain political ideas boxed together when they have nothing to do with one another. But what you say is interesting all the same. Yes, it was progressive when those institutions you describe led to repressed emotions that are harmful to mental health. If you want to have a family then that's great but you shouldn't be forced into thinking that's the way you have to be. That moral behavior you mention came from Christianity, an institution that gives you an excuse to impose your own strict morals upon other people and judge them for not measuring up. And if that progression hadn't been made do you think we'd have the films we have today (amongst many other forms of art). Do you think we'd have the likes of Fight Club? Hell, the average Marvel film would probably be banned for a multitude of offences. Do you think we'd be able to have a proper in depth discussion about important many matters if we weren't aloud the freedom of language that would be considered taboo back then? The fact that the Wolk Folk think they are saving the world is what makes them narcissistic and arrogant. Many of them are doing it for selfish reasons too. They are doing it for appearances sake. To appear heroic. It is possible to be for diversity and equality and against racism without being condescending but unfortunately they haven't mastered it. I think you're right. And I think it's a stupid way of life. There should at the very least be a third side. A think for yourself side. I know some people are in the centre. But you rarely hear from them unfortunately. I think there should be a lot more choice regarding who you can vote for. Having only two parties you can vote for just perpetuates this one side or the other mentality. We may have more than two over here in the UK but only two of them have ever got in. Oh yeah, I can totally see the analogy. The difference is that in the 60s those changes were progressive. The changes the Woke Folk are making today are regressive. They are undoing everything that was achieved in the 60s. Making us all repressed once more. Haha, they do indeed shout the loudest. But I think it's in everybody's interest to start referring to them as "Liberal Extremists". They will like being called "Liberals", you're giving them exactly what they want. They are proud of being "Liberals". If you call them "Liberal Extremists" they will probably hate it. And if the term starts to stick they may start to question why they are being referred to this way. It might force some of them to look outside themselves and question some of their controlling and patronizing behavior. It might not, but at the very least it could discourage others from supporting Extreme PC culture. And I think both Liberal and Conservative seem to have become dirty words today. I respect your decision to be neither and think for yourself. But when you say that "There are other people who are against racism as well, but they can't get on board with the concept of white privilege and criticism of white people constantly, that they decide to become conservative", why do you think this is? Why do you think people think "I don't like all this Extreme PC talk therefore I will go and support the Free Market and Privatisation". The two notions are unrelated. And this is the unusual phenomena I'm interested in here. Why don't they just say- "I don't like all this Extreme PC talk therefore I will speak up against it." Why the sudden Political affiliation change? But this is part of my question. You've put all Liberals in the same box there. And yes, many do behave that way. But I regard what you have described as Liberal Extremism. As I said above, I am a Liberal yet I am against all this extreme PC culture and am for free speech. I think the problem is that over the past couple of years Liberalism has moved further left to the point that it has become the opposite of the freedom it is supposed to represent. It has become another form of control. But that doesn't mean that every Liberal has moved with it. I haven't moved. I'm a Liberal but I have the same beliefs as before the rise of extreme PC culture. So perhaps we need a new term to refer to these new Liberal Extremists. Or a new term for people like myself. I'm not petty. I can take another name and let them keep the Liberal term. But my question to you is- why did you put all Liberals in the same box. I'm not trying to criticize because many people do this. But it is related to my OP question and I am curious about this phenomena. View all replies >