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Tight fit is the worst! Are we supposed to care about the hosts? Do the writers think we're idiots? What an utter mess! So many obvious questions were left out Any chance of a Moviechat app? So disappointed! Are people who praise this film, simply playing a prank? It's actually happening in real life Now this is something else! View all posts >


Yeah, sure. I'm jealous. That must be it! :P I just explained what is wrong with diversity and "strong female characters". That's pretty much all my post was about. Well that's a really good argument you made. You sure got me there. It's comments like yours that makes me wish there was a LIKE button here =) Hear, hear! I couldn't agree more. The only one I know that can compete, is Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987). Sure, but for that you'd first have to know about the effect this sound has on the creatures, and that doesn't happen until the end of the movie. I see what you say about the noisemakers, but if that was the case, then why not use loudspeakers? As they obviously had electricity, it would be a relatively simple task setting up a bunch of speakers all over the place and change the sounds they play. He had a show in the UK where he pranked politicians, activists and others, long before he came to America: Actually, it was the UK show that made him so big that Americans wanted him to do the same thing in USA. View all replies >