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I'd rather they do weird, edgy stuff than assassination-attempt-of-the-week though. It was certainly an interesting idea, although it felt like it needed to be explored over more than one episode. Spader's sarcasm was the highlight of it though. Mrs Voorhees!!! It looks like an old episode of Buffy from the trailer material - not sure why they needed to chalk it up as a remake if it just happens to be set around a sorority house near Christmas. According to this site if you have a female hero, it's feminist propaganda. And now if you have a female villain, they ruin the movie? Some folks won't be happy until all females just play dutiful wives, daughters, and murder/kidnap/abuse victims. Ryan Murphy has good ideas but seems to tap out and the wheels come off. This series was terribly uneven, with virtually every second character becoming a homicidal maniac and there being yet another massacre at the camp nobody mentioned in the first 6 episodes... It really looks like it was made up as they went along. Harper's was decent, but Wolf Creek put in the best two seasons of slasherama out there, probably due to only being six episodes each, but far and away the best. Watch the scene where Peter is telling the story of the murders, in the long shot where he's walking backwards towards the house and the crowd is following, you can see it at the top of the screen. Only place I ever saw it though. Apparently not. I got to see a screening of this at a music festival of all places, where one of the main players introduced it, then sat down right in front of us. Halfway through, SHE got up and walked out, never to return. The script was just so disjointed, with main characters being introduced really late into things, this bizarre lack of reaction to events, and scenes that seemed incomplete. It wasn't a total write off, but it was pretty damn boring. Yeah, that was dead sad. Weirdly, another show I watched the finale of the day before had a daughter mercy-killing her mom. It was a tough week. View all replies >