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The soundtrack is now out on CD The kids camping out Are there any likeable main characters left? Awesome artwork It was actually getting better The shark eavesdropping at the window...!? Revelation at the end? -spoilers- Tina really went through it, didn't she... Are they doing any more of these? View all posts >


A testament to the LQ VHS tapings from TV we all grew up with. For years I wondered why Ellen mouthed 'I've got yours' to Brody, but the gag is she's saying 'I've got Sean', and then we see Sean running after his brother in the very next shot. Also thought Alex Kintner asked his mother for 'asprin' and then to go back in the water. Not that I ever heard but a couple of series fans people told me it was explained away elsewhere that Site B 'died out' between the 2001 and 2015 movies. Found this though: The dinosaurs were all moved to the park? So maybe it'll be brought back for the next one? Good point. Always found it hard to buy that Jude and Kelly had the audacity to be/remain friends with Kim afterwards, and Nick to be dating her! The writers of this series - and the last season - are INCAPABLE of writing nice characters. Regardless of their race/gender/sexuality, almost everyone is just a nasty POS. What's the bet you'd dub it all unrealistic 'feminist propaganda' instead if she'd rushed out and taken on the killer? Pretty sure Miss Van Deusen was screwed by the time Rennie checked out. In the deleted scenes on the DVD they patch things up but he gets arrested and carted off - I imagine he'll be back in the sequel. I flew into Paris CDG about a week after that crash (it was dark though, so couldn't see any signs that it had happened) and there was a big billboard for Final Destination in the city, which did seem creepy, given that the Concorde was going in the opposite direction. Yeah I hope so too, but John Jarratt has some legal issues I think that are slowing it all down. Taylor needs to get well and truly annihilated though. The method tends to work. View all replies >