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I'm watching it now for the first time in probably 20 years and am astounded by how campy it is, so many bizarre almost slapstick elements to it. But it's not boring. I think it depends on your 'era', but a lot of the early Connery ones just don't do it for me. They're more than likely superior films but even as a kid watching them on TV through the 80s they seemed dated. Dr Evil has done a lot of damage. Yes, Charlotte. Everyone but you is wrong as usual. Objectively it wouldn't, but none of the issues they've self-diagnosed have been by a professional. I also said it was concerning given their choice to transition, not a surefire sign of poor judgement. Definitely. It's clunky and all the puzzle pieces aren't quite in place, but the story ideas are among the best. Because the person is repeatedly assuming they have additional mental health issues to their existing ones, thus calling into question their ability to make an accurate judgement call. It's okay - I prefer to binge it rather than wait a week between episodes though. Hannah seems to have checked out. People just need to realise this kinda thing is a spectrum and not an either/or, black or white thing, and most of us are fortunate enough to be closer to either end with no doubts as to our gender. I work with two trans people, one of whom is resolute, confident and self assured; the other openly discusses their mental health issues and self-diagnoses a lot, which begs the question how could they ever be sure they're on the right path? I am worried for the latter person given their predilection to label themself with various psychological disorders, but at the end of the day it has to be their decision. II is awesome *until* we get to the hospital, then it's just boring shots of corridors, Laurie asleep, and characters whose names we barely know getting offed. I read in 'Taking Shape' that JLC actually gets more dialogue in her screentime in Resurrection than Halloween II. Watch any recent horror film with teenagers in and then watch Jaws 2 - the young cast are practically angels. They're there for one another, concerned for each other's safety, and they all act decently enough. Anything more recent goes to great lengths to make victims so unlikeable you *want* them to die. Jackie is, of course, grating as hell, but it was '78 - the hysterical girl was a common inclusion. 2 1 3 6 5 4 7 View all replies >