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It's a long, long film, so I can see why they cut out any further scenes that didn't relate directly to the Losers Club. As it happens, the attackers DON'T see the clown at all, only Adrian's boyfriend sees it. It's important to realise that it's not a homophobic scene, but a scene ABOUT homophobia (which is a nice branching off from IT feasting on fear, or phobia), and the more hard-hittingly realistic it is, the more it will hopefully resonate with the type of people who don't think there's still a problem for gay people. It was... okay. The second half of the book was always 50% less interesting than the first, and the film is about the same. They seemed to lean a lot more towards comedic one-liners this time. Seems like people are unable to distinguish homophobia with something that's *about* homophobia. Ugh. It does feel like people are deliberately looking around for things to be offended by lately. I'm often at odds with my gay brethren over this stuff, but I'm not remotely bothered; it's just fiction - why waste time being aggravated by it, unless it has been constructed deliberately to be offensive? It was in the book, but not in the 1990 series, which seemed to bother SK fans as it was an effectively creepy scene, so they've put in this one instead. That's really all there is to it. It's 5/10 movie; the 'new' material was all fine, but the re-worked Haddonfield stuff was abysmal. I really didn't like Laurie in it, she was so whiny and annoying and didn't seem to care about the kids much, making her difficult to root for. She seemed too streetwise and aware, not a total innocent wallflower like Laurie 1.0. McDowell was interesting as Loomis though. Hahaha no! I'm a big fan of JASON Voorhees is what that's about. I forgot his name was Voorhees though - cool! If I were him I think I'd know what the line of dialogue was also : ) He was six in the book; assumed he was about 10-12 in the film. A testament to the LQ VHS tapings from TV we all grew up with. For years I wondered why Ellen mouthed 'I've got yours' to Brody, but the gag is she's saying 'I've got Sean', and then we see Sean running after his brother in the very next shot. Also thought Alex Kintner asked his mother for 'asprin' and then to go back in the water. Not that I ever heard but a couple of series fans people told me it was explained away elsewhere that Site B 'died out' between the 2001 and 2015 movies. Found this though: The dinosaurs were all moved to the park? So maybe it'll be brought back for the next one? Good point. Always found it hard to buy that Jude and Kelly had the audacity to be/remain friends with Kim afterwards, and Nick to be dating her! View all replies >