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Sorry to Bother You (Spoiler Alert!) The Legion Series Just Ended! Oh Nooooooooo! The Series is Over! The Two Hour Premier was Mediocre at Best Saw it last night. I have a question about Season 3 (Spoiler Alert!) So is Hopper....(Giant Spoiler Alert!) "Got him! Totally! An excellent and very tense film! Okay I'm done. View all posts >


You're welcome. It is! 😎 Thanks. Sounds like you've had an exciting life. As to Siem Riep, it was my favorite [i]city[/i] (50 cent draft beer), not my favorite attraction. 😎 Thanks! I'm sure we will! 😎 You're welcome! 😎 Okay. The whole trip was fascinating, and very low cost. It cost a little more than half what my 2018 China, Japan Tour cost. The people were very friendly (they love our money), and the food was generally excellent. And in the big cities, it was easy and fun to get around via the Tuk Tuks. Vietnam highlights: Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), The Cu Li Tunnels from the War, China Beach, Hue, and Ha Long harbor where we took a boat ride. Hanoi was especially cool. I saw the "Hanoi Hilton", and the lake in downtown which John McCain parachuted into. There's even a plaque next to the lake to commemorate the event. Cambodia: Highlights: Definitely Ankor Wat, the very old temple complex which is still in great shape. Seim Reap was my favorite city on the whole tour. Pub Street was where most of the restaurants and bars were located, and draft beer was 50 cents! And like most cities in SW Asia, there were Night Markets, since it can be very hot during the day. Thailand: Highlights: Bangkok, a fascinating city, and of course the real Bridge on the River Kwai. We took a boat ride, and then a ride on the "Trans-River Kwai Death Railway", which crosses the bridge. I highly recommend the whole area! 😎 No, I've known her for years. 😎 😎 That is great to know! Thanks! 😎 Thanks for the tip, mate! Good onya! 😎 Oh Si Si! 😎 View all replies >