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Meh Girly Movie Trivia 4 So Clarice and Ardelia appear to live together.... Slow and somewhat boring.... Hitch's Least Effective Film Not a bad film.... Cooper's speech at the end (Spoiler Alert!) They just had an even bigger big soccer game in Europe! Five continents?? That was one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen. View all posts >


yay We have one of those wackos on the [i]"other board".[/i] 😎 [i]"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"[/i] C. Little 😎 [i]Star Wars[/i] music. 😎 Do you know what they used for the tornado in [i]The Wizard of Oz?[/i] 😎 Yes it is! One of the all time best movie illusions. 😎 [i]Gone With The Wind:[/i] Rhett Butler frankly just doesn't give a damn. 😎 John Lennon. 😐 As I responded to you on the other board, your generalizations are way too broad to be taken seriously. 😎 The correct phrase there would be "If I [i]were[/i] accused of shop lifting..." Condition contrary to fact rule. And yes it would be believed if there were a witness or witnesses. You don't have to have video for a conviction. And your point would be......????? 😎 View all replies >