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Ripley is a psychopath. South Park: Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow The Best Film of 2019! This silly green wacko film was 16 years ago! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........ Movies Where the Hero is All Outta Bubblegum! NO POST LIMITATIONS! A question The NE Dynasty is Dead! The Evil Empire has gone down in flames! Bills v Texans: Congratulations to the Texans! View all posts >


Umm....okay then? 😎 Okay then. I take that as a "yes"? 😎 5. 😎 Fair enough. 😎 No. Is it worth it? 😎 Excellent! 😎 Huh? Can you translate that into English? 😎 Why do you say that? 😎 Yes. I've always been fascinated by those rooms over the water! 😎 Lol! 😎 View all replies >