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"Please tell me somebody's going to answer that." (Spoiler Alert!) Plot device stolen from "Tales From The Crypt" Love+Death+Robots: Rating the Episodes. I just saw Us tonight. HOLY CRAP! Not bad, but I have some questions. (Spoiler Alert) Okay, I finished the series. Now I have questions. Questions about "Sonnie" and "Beyond the Aquila Rift" (Spoiler Alert!) Land of Mine: An excellent film: 8.5/10 What say ye, FFF? Thumbs up or down? Who shot JR? View all posts >


😎 Okay then. 😎 Yes it does. How do you define one? 😎 PS Going night night now. Excellent, and you're welcome. Always glad to help a FFF. 😎 You're welcome. Always glad to help a FFF. Here's a trailer: [url][/url] 😎 PS Have you seen "Project Blue Book" on the History Channel? It tends to agree with you, and it's an excellent series. 😎 Not really, but I have an open mind on the subject. I just need some proof. 😎 Amen. 😎 I don't think he knows. BTW, his name is Aram. 😎 Guess again. BUMP about the stolen plot. PS Spader is the only reason I watch now. He could entertain me reading from a phone book. If he ever leaves, I'm out. 😎 View all replies >