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WTF was that??? Politics That is one ugly sob! Great film, but I have two questions. One of the DUMBEST movies I've ever seen! (SPOILER ALERT!) So what do you think happened after the final scene? I just saw it and really enjoyed it! I'm enjoying some Kraft cheese. What do you get when you push a gypsy off a bike? Drugs are bad, mkay.... View all posts >


I agree. She was a dick. 😎 AMEN! 😎 Because she's a dick! 😎 True. 😎 It's funny either way. 😎 Very clever. 😎 I don't have 50, but here goes: In alphabetical order: Michelangelo Buonarroti Caravaggio Paul Cezanne Salvador Dali Edgar Degas Leonardo da Vinci Henri de Toulouse-Latrec Albrecht Durer M.C. Esher Paul Gauguin Edward Hopper Paul Klee Henry Matisse Edouard Manet Oscar Claude Monet Edvard Munch Pablo Picasso Jackson Pollack Pierre Auguste Renoir Mark Rothko Peter Paul Reubens Georges Seurat Rembrandt Van Rijn 😎 Ah, but will you ask her out any less? 😎 No. The three American cities you mention are bastions of Leftist stupidity. 😎 Don't get me started. 😎 View all replies >