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"Got him! Totally! An excellent and very tense film! Okay I'm done. A Real POS! Blue Ruin (2013): Good Movie (Spoiler Alert) Episode 5: An amazing finale to a brilliant series! Highest Rated TV Show of all time: 9.7 on IMDb! A weak beginning (Spoiler Alert!) A good show until they fucked it up at the end with Green Wacko Lunacy! Just watched Episode 5 View all posts >


mmm-kay thanks Nicotine is a drug dude, mmm-kay? 😎 Fargo Reservoir Dogs The Death of Stalin 😎 Drugs are bad, mmm-kay? 😎 No, cause it's not. Duh. 😎 Hmmm. 😐 You're welcome. 😎 I will. He'll be pleased to hear from you. 😎 Bingo! 😎 That's a running joke between Croft_Lara and me. He posts over on Filmboards now as [i]It's Lara Croft, BITCHES![/i] He's an odd and sometimes incomprehensible dude, but funny. We love poking fun at each other. 😎 View all replies >